What does Optimizely do

What Does Optimizely Do?

What Does Optimizely Do?

Optimizely is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offering three core pillars of experimentation, ecommerce and digital marketing. In 2020 Episerver acquired Optimizely and created a comprehensive platform integrating the best DXP technology with the best experimentation software to provide customers with the optimal digital experiences on the market.

Businesses now have a one stop shop solution for managing content, conducting experiments and optimising customer experiences. It’s a powerful platform for customer engagement and business growth. The combination of the number one testing facilities in the world with over 25 years of DXP development from Episerver has created a market leading giant for enterprises to grow and scale.

9 things you didn’t know you can do with Optimizely

Optimizely and Heatmaps

When coupled with Optimizely Experiments, heatmaps can be a powerful tool that visually represents user interactions and behaviour on a website. Heatmaps track where visitors click, scroll or even hover over the webpage providing insightful data on how users engage with the content on the webpage. This data is then colour coded to give a clear visual representation of the hotspots. It can help marketers identify the most engaging elements of the site and enable informed decision making. Whether it is refining the call-to-action placements or improving navigation, the heataps are an easy to use tool for interpreting data and enhancing conversion rates.

Built with API’s in mind

Unlike its competitors, Optimizely is built with API’s in mind for integration and scalability. It allows for seamless integration with third party tools such as Google Analytics and Microsoft Teams helping to synchronise data across multiple platforms. Additionally, if your organisation currently uses a different DXP you can capitalise on the Optimizely admin but from the comfort of your own system. This demonstrates how easy it is to integrate Optimizely into your day to day business operations and amplifies the platform’s adaptability.

Centralised dashboards

The dashboards offer a centralised and user-friendly interface for tracking and analysing key performance metrics and experiment results. They provide a comprehensive view of organisations digital activities and can display data, conversion rates, engagement rates and other relevant KPI’s in real-time. The dashboards can be customised for the business to show relevant information and help organisations reach their business goals. Marketing campaigns can also be monitored here as well as experiments giving a centralised hub for different departments to keep in line with the corporate objectives.

Optimizely Feature Experimentation 

Optimizely is the number one experimentation platform in the world. Optimizely Feature Experimentation is a product to empower businesses to conduct experiments and enhance their complete digital ecosystem. This encompasses websites, mobile apps and the backend systems. 

When it comes to experimentation and testing, Optimizely does it best. Optimizely offer both multivariate and a/b testing capabilities.The a/b testing allows for a direct comparison of two versions of a webpage providing insights into what resonates. Multivariate testing allows for more complex variations enabling experimentation on multiple elements simultaneously. The experiments can be conducted across multiple platforms and they validate different marketing approaches and help drive a smooth user experience.

Collaboration capabilities

Optimizely CMS is created with both developers and marketing teams in mind. The system is built using modern technologies such as Node.js, React, and GraphQL which enhances developer usability. Additionally workflow management tools and an intuitive interface makes it simple for teams to collaborate and work efficiently. For multiple years Optimizely CMS has been rated as an industry leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and it is easy to see why. The basic CMS can also be expanded with products such as the Content Marketing Platform (CMP), marketing resource management (MRM), and digital asset management (DAM). 

The collaborative aspect of the DXP helps align the organisation’s core values. It provides a cohesive platform for teams to collaborate. It has real time editing functions and also multiple editor access for both developers and marketing teams. This creates a streamline working environment for collaborating and communicating. In turn this helps to foster a collaboration culture.

Monitise with Commerce

Optimizely Commerce offers a spectrum of state of the art features designed to elevate enterprise level organisations online commerce experience. One remarkable aspect is its cloud-native hosting, enabling swift scalability of your website to align with your growing demands. 

In the B2B sphere, Optimizely offers the Configured Commerce tool. B2C organisations can access the Customised Commerce software which leverages artificial intelligence to deliver tailor-made experiences, optimising search rankings and product recommendations for individual customers. 

Moreover, this powerful platform seamlessly integrates prebuilt marketing, content, and sales frameworks into your existing workflows, further enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the e-commerce domain.

Get to know your customer with analytics 

Optimizely provides in depth analytics for your organisation to gather data on customers conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and website traffic. These analytics can be used to optimise and improve digital experiences for website visitors and can also improve user engagement. 

With Optimizely Analytics you can tailor your product suite to suit your organisation’s needs. You can gain analytics from the basic CMS or if your organisation requires a more in-depth customer analysis, you can leverage customer specific analytics and create profiling from the Optimizely Data Platform (ODP).

Embracing the power of AI

Optimizely also encompasses the power of AI which is revolutionising the digital landscape. It is becoming imperative for organisations to adapt and utilise AI in their business activities. It can help aid experiments and provides actionable intelligence allowing organisations to adapt to ever evolving customer preferences and trends. AI is being used through Optimizely’s platform for chatbots and virtual assistants, testing facilities and throughout the CMP. Marketers can even use AI to write content. Overall organisations can utilise Optimizely AI as a valuable tool for streamlined business operations which helps create a competitive advantage.


Optimizely embraces marketing automation which empowers marketers to shift attention towards strategic optimisation, and achieving the best ROI and performance from the platform. This transformative tool liberates valuable time that might otherwise be spent on intricate configuration and setup, allowing you to channel your efforts where they matter most.

With Optimizely, enterprise level organisations can tailor content to suit potential prospects needs and preferences, this technology leverages personalised drip campaigns and allows marketers to nurture campaigns. These campaigns are strategic for educating prospects about products or services. The personalised and informative nature of these campaigns significantly contributes to shaping potential clients into loyal advocates for your brand, ultimately enhancing your overall marketing strategy.

What are the benefits?

If you are still wondering what is Optimizely and why would I invest, the platform presents a range of benefits for ambitious organisations including:

  • Serving as a one stop shop, streamlining various functionalities into a cohesive platform, contributing to an increased (ROI). 
  • It’s a cost-friendly option compared to alternatives.
  • It offers efficient time to market capabilities that outshine competitors, a crucial factor given the potential significant impact on business caused by hidden costs associated with website downtime.

Why are organisations choosing Optimizely?

Optimizely stands as a prominent and esteemed DXP solution within the competitive landscape. Renowned for its cutting-edge features and robust capabilities, Optimizely has consistently gained praise, securing a prominent position as a leader in Gartner’s esteemed Magic Quadrant assessment for multiple consecutive years. This ongoing recognition signifies their continuous growth and innovation, setting them apart from their competitors who may struggle to keep pace. Notably, Optimizely has earned the trust of industry giants on a global scale, with prestigious organisations such as Uber, Shopify, and Zoom relying on its powers to elevate their digital experiences and achieve their strategic objectives.

How to get started with Optimizely

At Ultimedia, we have a team of industry experts who are ready to help you start your Optimizely journey. With over 15 years of specific Optimizely work, we have helped ambitious organisations from around the world get the most out of the Optimizely Platform and generate amazing results.Take a look at our case studies to learn what we could do for your organisation today. Contact us to get your unique Optimizely quote.

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