Optimizely Data Platform

Optimizely Data Platform

What is the Optimizely Data Platform?

Powered by Optimizely’s acquisition of Zaius. Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) is a central hub of customer knowledge created through data. The tool captures customer insights and creates profiles that grow after each visit. The platform helps make data-driven decisions for your marketing and digital actions, increasing the effectiveness of your digital activity. 

A Data Platform gives your marketing team a 360-degree view of your customers from a mixture of first and third-party data. With an extensive list of integrations, the market-leading data platform keeps data all in one place. Remove the need to jump between software and logins, ultimately improving how your organisation’s data works together.

Benefits Of Utilising The ODP

Predict Customer Behaviour 

Gain a deeper understanding on how each customer acts. Discover:

  • When the customer is most active (throughout the year, month or day)
  • How often they have visited the site
  • Which touch points have been achieved (e.g. web, mobile app, email, social)

Discover New Opportunities

Analyse the current performance of your site. Learn how current products perform in the ODP and what you can do to improve results in the provided dashboard. Uncover the areas of your digital strategy that excel, stagnate or underperform.


Set up omnichannel marketing that adds value from every touch point across your organisation’s digital presence (website, social media, mobile apps, etc). Orchestrate simple digital marketing strategies across your organisation and its brands.


Stop sending generic copy-and-paste emails. Organise your customer data into targeted lists for different campaigns. Targeting users with the most relevant information and automated personalised strategy.

Unify Profiles

Bring all data that you have on your customers to one central truth. Integrate with all your marketing team’s analytical tools. Putting your customers at the front of your future digital plans lets you analyse the current success and suspected pain points in detail.

ODP Connectivity 

Optimizely’s DXP is renowned for the suite’s integration capabilities. The ODP can be used with other Content Management Systems on the marketplace but is the perfect jigsaw piece for their Optimizely CMS or a taster of the market-leading solution’s capabilities for those on alternate systems.

ODP offers APIs in both REST and GraphQL, allowing developers to begin swiftly and effortlessly integrating their data into the ODP platform. 

ODP Lite

Optimizely’s Data Platform ‘Lite’ is the out-of-the-box version of their product. The solution uses first-party data only and can’t integrate with third-party data collectors such as Google Analytics 4. 

The tool has fewer capabilities but is a perfect starting option. The Lite model is ideal for ambitious organisations that don’t have the highest volume of investment available for digitally transforming marketing activity. 

The Optimizely Suite

Optimizely is a suite of market-leading digital tools created to help organisations unlock their digital potential. The Data Platform is just one piece of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) puzzle. Optimizely gives marketers the products they need to take their organisation’s digital maturity to the next level.

Optimizely’s suite includes;

Get Started With An Optimizely Product Today 

Reaching out to an Optimizely partner is the most efficient starting point for any ambitious organisation. Consulting your challenge and pain points with a digital strategy expert can help in selecting the most accurate product to help aid your marketing team.
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