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How to drive revenue in an evolving market

The B2B market has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and it’s expected to continue picking up pace. In 2020 the global B2B commerce market was worth £4.8 trillion and its predicted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 to 2028 will reach 18.7%

Although B2B brands have been known to be slow to adopt digital transformation strategies, the changes in the wider marketplace, i.e. technology and buyer demographic have been a catalyst for change. Now, organisations with ambitious growth plans need to be adopting technology like Episerver B2B Commerce to help them achieve their goals and avoid being left behind.

What is Episerver B2B Commerce?

Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud is part of the broader suite of products and services within Episerver DXC. Now rebranded under Optimizely, Episerver B2B Commerce is the go-to solution for enterprise-level organisations looking to deliver best-of-breed ecommerce experiences for their customers.

Episerver B2B Commerce is a SaaS cloud based offering, which can be delivered quickly, with some capabilities available out-of-the-box. It’s a great choice for B2B organisations that want to be able to manage their full commerce ecosystem in one place, efficiently and to a high standard.

The Modern B2B Audience

A couple of years ago Baby Boomers and Generation X made up the core B2B audience. Typically this audience leaned towards traditional ways of working: spreadsheets, sales collateral, print and offline activities. Although there might still be value in these methods, it’s important to recognise that new audiences operate differently. Now, 73% of Millennials are involved in buying processes in the B2B space. Why is this a significant change?

This demographic are the first class of digital natives and this is a key driver to how they think and operate. Growing up around digital media and technology shapes how they expect organisations to operate and connect. Episerver B2B Commerce has the tool portfolio to meet these expectations. From seamless integrations across different systems, to AI-driven marketing features to enhance experiences for both internal and external users.

Digital is a part of our everyday lives and this should be reflected in B2B Commerce too. After all, B2B audiences are the same people that expect their Amazon delivery at a click, use smart devices in their homes and are used to seamless connectivity from when they book tickets via an app to email confirmations and virtual codes to access events. Episerver B2B Commerce has the power to digitally transform organisations giving key stakeholders a holistic view of everything from stock management to personalised discount offers.

Episerver B2B Commerce Features

Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud has been designed to handle the complexities of the B2B buying cycle and to get solutions up and running at speed. Just like any Episerver product, the B2B Commerce suite is easy to use, highly scalable and secure. Here’s some of the features included specifically for B2B commerce management.


Episerver enables sales teams to enhance customer engagement around the clock, across any device or location with online quotations. This can be created on a global scale by configuring quotes in multiple languages and currencies, helping your organisation reach and engage new audiences across new territories.

Quotations can also easily be converted into orders on Episerver B2B Commerce, giving customers the option to submit, accept and move quotes into orders effortlessly. Additional items can be added to their cart before checkout, to add more flexibility to their experience.

Integration is a great strength of Episerver’s, meaning organisations can connect all of their systems and monitor each interaction across every touchpoint, ensuring a seamless and meaningful experience from quotation to delivery.

Pricing Controls

Take control of how pricing is displayed and improve accuracy. Episerver B2B Commerce gives organisations the ability to handle complicated pricing calculations such as contracts, lists or group pricing using rule management. The predefined price matrix makes it easy for organisations to control and display pricing for all constructs in real-time. Episerver’s comprehensive integration with ERPs, ensures that online pricing accurately reflects the prices without the need for duplicate entries. Overall, these capabilities are valuable in improving operational efficiency and customer experience for any busy B2B organisation.

List Management

Drive more business with flexible list management that makes it simple to order / reorder directly from your order history. Episerver’s list management feature empowers team collaboration between teams and customers that allows products to be ordered anywhere. Teams can use lists to improve conversions through cross-selling, up-selling and personalisation techniques.

Brand Management

Boost customer engagement by making products easy to locate from trusted brands and create promotions that are brand-specific. Users have the ability to present products in numerous ways that capitalise on search, taxonomy, faceting and brand. Search facilities can be personalised, including search by SKU, customer order number, making day to day tasks quicker and easier.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Episerver B2B Commerce comes with it’s own PIM system that boasts a comprehensive capabilities suite, suitable for enterprise-level organisations. Great for fast-moving brands, Episerver’s PIM system allows organisations to set up quickly and efficiently manage their product catalog.

Episerver gives teams the opportunity to manage more through the acquisition, validation and management of product information. Multiple product updates are made easy, with an intuitive interface for bulk updates or multi-edit flows.

Busy teams can save time on imports using configured rules for data validation. In addition to this, users can also customise product governance.

Product Configuration

Episerver makes product set-ups painless with its accessible technology. Users are taken through the configuration process step by step. No matter the complexity of the products, Episerver can support them with limited or advanced configuration options.

Drive customer satisfaction through easy to use solutions that display reliable information that is accurate and updated in real time through system integrations. Organisations can leverage intuitive product selection and search functionality with online support, freeing up service needs that can reduce costs.

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Why choose Episerver B2B Commerce?

B2B organisations that choose Episerver for their commerce needs benefit from a single solution that gives them a holistic view of all activity. Combined with Episerver Content Cloud, Episerver B2B Commerce customers are able to build intelligent, AI-driven personalised commerce experiences across the whole customer journey, driving revenue and reducing operational costs. Audience demographics are shifting to a digital native majority and it’s time B2B organisations reviewed their current commerce strategy to ensure they’re set to scale with customer expectations moving forward.

Episerver is a global leader in the digital experience space, designed to help ambitious brands unlock their digital potential using a suite of tools to build, optimise, automate and manage their digital activity. Episerver and Optimizely joined forces in 2021, supercharging their offering. Contact us today to learn more about Optimizely pricing or how it could benefit your organisation.

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