How much does Optimizely cost

Optimizely Cost: How Much Does Optimizely Cost?

If you’ve landed here, you’re most likely considering changing your organisation’s website technology – or you’re looking for top-tier experimentation tools like Optimizely A/B Testing and Multivariate testing. Optimizely (formerly Episerver) has undergone significant growth and expansion earning the enterprise-level technology a consistent top spot in the industry, recommended as digital experience leaders by Gartner. This evolution triggered Optimizely pricing to be aligned with the extensive value its technology brings to its customers and market standards.

What this means for those questioning, ‘how much does Optimizely cost for my organisation?’ is that they need to get in touch with either a certified Optimizely Partner agency or an Optimizely sales person because no two projects or strategies are the same.

What Impacts How Much Optimizely Costs?

When crafting the ideal Optimizely solution for your organisation, different products and tools alter the pricing. As the technology is built to scale with your business’ progression, the subscription can be agile alongside internal ambitions and requirements from the technology. For example, organisations looking for an ecommerce site will use different products and pay a different fee to CMS only users.

For organisations not looking at a full Optimizely solution, but are wanting to incorporate tools such as, Welcome or the well known Optimizely experimentation features the fee can be adapted based on what is required from the technology. Marketing teams who are looking to run multiple split tests across different pages at the same time will pay a different monthly fee to an organisation starting off and trialling the experimentation platform due to the higher capabilities required.


Optimizely Suite customers can access an out-of-the-box solution that seamlessly drives everyday operations to the next level, whilst being the key ingredient to a digital maturity. 

Optimizely products cater to teams organisation wide, improving the output and results from marketing, development, data teams and more. Multiple Optimizely products include project wide access to allow for the highest level of clarity and production whilst multiple specialists work on the same task at any given time. 

Optimizely’s product portfolio includes:


Optimizely is more than just a one off investment. The solution contributes to your organisation’s digital strategy and can assist you in achieving future ambitions and business goals with a positive ROI. That is why reaching out to an accredited Optimizely partner will allow for your key stakeholders to get a clear picture of what a fair priced investment will bring to the organisation’s digital results.

Certified Optimizely specialists like Ultimedia  offer ongoing support packages , so clients can be confident in their investment . The benefit of a digital partnership is the collaboration of keeping both your technology in the best shape, maximising your investment as Optimizely partners have access to the latest feature updates and know the platform best.

If you are already on the platform but feel like you’re not satisfied with your implementation and aren’t getting the return on investment promised, contact us. We would be happy to help and check the digital effectiveness of your current solution.


Each price is unique to the organisation and requires a clear understanding on what is required to match with the technology’s capabilities. 
We work solely with the Optimizely platform and are proud to be the first Optimizely partner in the UK and Middle East. We have worked with enterprise level organisations across the globe for over 25 years.With experience over multiple sectors and success in delivering hundreds of ambitious projects, Ultimedia has the experience and in-depth knowledge to successfully collaborate with your organisation and unlock its digital potential. Kickstart your digital transformation and unlock your potential with the Optimizely. Contact us today to request a bespoke Optimizely quote from our experts.

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