optimizely pricing

Optimizely Pricing

If you’re considering choosing Optimizely for your organisation, you’ll undoubtedly need to know how much it costs and more about the pricing scales. Since the digital experience platform (DXP) has seen some rapid expansion, the Optimizely pricing model has adjusted in line with the standard of industry leading tools it provides to its clients.

Optimizely clients benefit from an extensive features portfolio and the agility to scale with organisations with digital ambition. Optimizely pricing is reflective of the ROI for every £1 invested and it’s competitive in comparison to alternative platforms that require significantly more of your budget.


Having been acquired by the established platform, Episerver, Optimizely is the now the joined brand identity, making Optimizely a superpower in the market. The combined capabilities of the technologies gives businesses the power to really flex in the digital experience arena, through experimentation features and intelligent personalisation across all devices.

Optimizely pricing is customizable across these models:

Content cloud

The CMS model includes:

  • Content management
  • Authording and layout
  • Headless API
  • Approval workflows

Commerce cloud

Designed for ecommerce, but model includes:

  • Multisite and multi-lingual
  • Visitor targeting
  • Project collaboration
  • Inventory and order management

Intelligence cloud

Harness advanced optimisation, this includes:

  • A/B testing and experimentation
  • Advanced personalisation
  • Collaboration with program management
  • Deploys on web, in apps and server side.
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It’s impossible for us to write how much Optimizely costs for your organisation. Each business will have its own unique goals and the likelihood is, they will also change over time. Optimizely pricing reflects this and is fairly priced based on the powerful features it offers that enables clients to step-up their digital performance, whether it’s creating personalised experiences or driving conversions.

Because of this, you’ll need to speak to an Optimizely Partner, someone who understands the platform and how it can best be used to help your business’ needs to ensure you’re investing your budget wisely.

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We are Ultimedia, the UK’s first Episerver Partner and now the go-to experts for Optimizely following the acquisition. We are a team of experienced specialists that help brands to unlock their digital potential to achieve their goals whilst getting the most out of the Optimizely platform. To discuss more about pricing for your organisation call us on 0161 260 1500 or contact us today.

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