launchdarkly vs optimizely

Launchdarkly Vs Optimizely

Explore LaunchDarkly vs Optimizely (also known as Episerver) as we take a closer look at  which feature flagging platform is best. Learn what differentiates the two technologies and which one suits your business aims and ambitions for feature flagging and future transformation.


LaunchDarkly is a SaaS feature management platform built to ship and release code. The technology reduces risk when deploying new code to a live site, which comes at a cost and has limitations.

Also SaaS, Optimizely’s feature flagging platform (now known as Optimizely Rollouts) comes at no cost for any developer looking to add feature flagging to their organisation’s solution (not Optimizely platform exclusive). Including SDKs in all major coding languages :

Both are capable technologies for the task ahead. The benefits of the Optimizely free feature flagging system for deployment and marketing teams outweigh the capabilities of LaunchDarkly. This is primarily because of the unlimited features and the option to run experimentation tests available to users for free.


Optimizely Rollouts allows developers to launch changes, developments and run experimentations live on the site with little to no risk of potential bugs or errors for users. The ability to easily roll back and remove the new feature allows for a simple solution to fix if anything problematic was to occur.

When creating a variable, developers in the Optimizely Rollouts userface are able to see snippets of SDK code to be efficiently pasted directly into the solution to make the two software communicate.

Naturally, developers can manage features remotely and determine what percentage (from 0-100%) of website visitors will see the deployment when using the site. Deployment teams can have confidence in their actions by removing the risk of lowering the performance and user experience of the website. 

Unlike LaunchDarkly, the Optimizely Rollouts portal includes the ability of experimentation. Giving users the resources to run Optimizely A/B tests on one new toggle at a time. The ability to compare results and see the influence a new addition has on user journeys and conversions is key to making a decision to permanently incorporate the feature adding value to future decisions made by who is responsible for the website. 

Normally, toggle systems have limitations to the number of features available to be running within the platform. Optimizely has no feature restrictions all for free. With the ability to upgrade your organisation’s package for the ability to run multiple A/B experimentation tests at once to capture more useful data on upgrades.


Rollouts captures the value a new feature adds to the site by recording data to see the change in performance. With the data marketing teams can see the influence of a new toggle on the site’s conversions and user journeys. 

With project-level access multiple teams can work on the cycle at different stages to keep everyone included, letting the project flow efficiently with various backgrounds of knowledge working on the same body of work. 

The software is applicable to both your organisation’s site and clients to ensure the successful and stress-free delivery of new developments. When upgrading a client’s site the risk is removed due to the option to test features in complete isolation and easily roll back the deployment if problematic, ultimately helping keep customer relationships stronger from streamline deployments.


Optimizely is more than just Rollouts. Optimizely is a suite of digital tools made for organisations looking to elevate and unlock their digital potential. The Optimizely products that are trusted by over 9000 organisations include but are not limited to:

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