Optimizely Free

Is Optimizely Free?

Is Optimizely Free?

Optimizely is a leading DXP and experimentation provider and is a popular choice for organisations seeking ways to enhance their online presence and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Optimizely, provides a comprehensive suite of tools for experimentation, personalisation, and content management. Whilst Optimizely does not provide a free version of their full suite of products, they do offer a free plan which does not even require card details to set up.

The Free Plan

Contrary to popular belief, Optimizely does offer a free plan: Free Feature Flagging. This plan is designed to empower organisations to roll out new features and assess their impact without creating any costs. This plan provides access to a core set of features, including:

Feature flags: Turn features on or off for specific user segments, enabling controlled rollouts and risk-free experimentation.

Visual editor: Create and manage feature flags without coding, simplifying the process for non-technical users.

Targeting: Target feature flags to specific user groups based on their attributes and behaviours.

Traffic allocation: Divide traffic between different versions of a feature to gather valuable data for decision-making.

The Optimizely free plan is an excellent starting point for organisations that are new to feature flagging or those operating on a smaller  budget. It allows organisations to learn about the basics of Optimizely Experimentation without committing to a paid plan. Although this plan is accessible to anyone, to get the most out of the platform it is best to speak to an accredited Optimizely Partner to discover how it works and the best solution to align with your organisation’s needs.

Upgrading Beyond The Optimizely Free Plan

Although the Optimizely free plan is a great taster of the technology, the platform can do so much more than just feature flagging! Optimizely DXP has been rated an industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for several consecutive years which demonstrates the power it can give ambitious organisations. Additionally, the Gartner report also praised Optimizely for ensuring its customers achieve a positive ROI and praised Optimizely’s pricing and transparency with the allocation of funds within the technology and demonstrating the benefits it provides for customers.

When implemented properly, Optimizely can aid organisations in crafting personalised interactions that drive better conversions and outcomes and the software’s effectiveness is undeniable.

Unlike many software solutions that employ fixed-cost models, the platform adopts a customised approach, tailoring pricing to meet the specific needs of each organisation. This flexibility in Optimizely’s pricing ensures that companies pay only for the features and capabilities they require, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

There are a few aspects that will impact an Optimizely Quote:

  • User volume
  • Traffic volumes
  • Feature requirements
  • Deployment options (Optimizely SaaS or on premise)

The Optimizely Product Suite

Optimizely offers a variety of advanced top of the range products that the Optimizely free version cannot compete with. Whether your organisation is looking for marketing focused solutions or something more developer related, Optimizely has it covered. Some of the products offered include:

Optimizely One: The first marketing operating system that empowers marketing teams to craft a system tailored to their unique needs, all within an intuitive, fully integrated suite.

Optimizely Web Experimentation: Specially designed for marketing teams, Optimizely Web Experimentation empowers organisations to conduct A/B tests, personalise website content, and optimise user journeys to enhance website conversions.

Optimizely Feature Experimentation: Expanding beyond web optimisation, Optimizely Feature Experimentation integrates experimentation and personalisation across websites, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints, providing a holistic approach.

Optimizely DXP: This digital experience platform (DXP) unifies content management, experimentation, and personalisation capabilities, enabling organisations to create and deliver engaging digital experiences that drive results.

Optimizely Customised Commerce: Tailored for e-commerce organisations, Optimizely Customised Commerce offers targeted product recommendations, personalised pricing, and optimised checkout processes to boost sales and conversion rates.

Optimizely Configured Commerce: This gives B2B organisations a pre-built commerce stack and offers a simple approach to implementing personalisation and experimentation for e-commerce websites.

Optimizely Data Platform (ODP):  A customer data platform (CDP) that helps to collect, organise, and analyse customer data and provides unified customer profiles to gain deeper insights and make better decisions.

The Optimizely Free Plan can be a good place to start but investing in the Optimizely solution that’s tailored to your business needs is definitely worth considering if you’re seeking to enhance digital experiences, personalise customer interactions, and drive real organisation outcomes. The customised pricing ensures that companies pay only for the features they need, while the diverse product offerings cater to a wide range of organisation needs. 

9 reasons why over 9000 brands have chosen Optimizely

While the Optimizely free plan offers a taste of Optimizely’s capabilities, the paid plans unlock a world of advanced features that empower organisations to optimise their digital experiences across all touchpoints. The benefits of investing in Optimizely include:

  1. Tailored Cost-Effective Pricing: The Optimizely DXP comes in at less than half the price of competitors. With the tailored structure organisations can avoid overpaying for features they don’t need, while still having access to the tools they require to optimise their digital experiences.
  1. No Disruption: The tailored pricing structure eliminates the need for sudden price adjustments or extreme disruption to daily business operations as the organisation grows and evolves.
  1. Comprehensive Experimentation: Optimizely goes beyond feature flagging, providing an experimentation platform that includes A/B testing, multivariate testing, and bandit algorithms. This enables organisations to test various aspects of their websites, apps, and marketing campaigns, uncovering the most effective combinations to drive conversions and revenue.
  1. Personalised Experiences: Optimizely’s personalisation capabilities allow organisations to tailor their digital experiences to individual users based on their preferences, behaviour, and real-time data. This personalised approach involves the use of Optimizely AI to help foster stronger user engagement, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost loyalty.
  1. Seamless Content Management: Optimizely’s content management system (CMS) enables organisations to create, manage, and deliver engaging content across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience.
  1. Scalability and Reliability: Optimizely’s cloud-based infrastructure is designed to handle high traffic volumes and provide reliable performance, ensuring that organisations can deliver exceptional experiences without compromising stability.
  1. Ease of Use: Optimizely’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it user-friendly, even for non-technical users.
  1. Endless Integrations: Optimizely is built with API’s in mind. Organisations can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party tools and platforms, allowing organisations to leverage their existing tech stack and extend the platform’s capabilities.
  1. Superior To Competitors When compared to leading competitors like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Sitecore Experience Platform (SEP), Optimizely stands out and delivers a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution than other platforms. Its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and ability to integrate with existing tech stacks make it the number one choice for organisations of all sizes. 

Optimizely’s commitment to innovation, along with its user-centric design and powerful feature set, makes it the ideal DXP for organisations seeking to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Start your Optimizely Journey Today

Optimizely is not just a tool; it’s an investment in the future of your organisation’s digital evolution. Although you can get a taste of the benefits with the Optimizely free plan, it doesn’t compare to investing in the elite Optimizely products. Its ability to drive experimentation, personalisation, and content management makes it a powerful ally for any organisation seeking to optimise their digital presence, enhance customer engagement, and achieve their organisation goals. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, Optimizely offers a scalable and cost-effective solution to elevate your digital experiences to new heights.

The best way to get the most out of Optimizely is by working with an accredited Optimizely Partner. At Ultimedia we have been helping organisations unlock their digital potential since 1995. Our team of certified Optimizely developers, strategists and digital marketers are well-equipped in helping our clients maximise their investment. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts or to book your Optimizely demo.

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