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Optimizely Customized Commerce

The world of e-commerce is volatile and organisations face the ongoing challenge of creating seamless, personalised and engaging buying experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Customized Commerce is the go to platform for organisations looking to create interactions that not only impress buyers but also enhance brand appeal.

What Is Optimizely Customized Commerce?

As suggested by the title, Optimizely Customized Commerce is an e-commerce platform primarily built for B2C (business to consumer) organisations. It is a cutting-edge platform designed to provide enterprise level organisations with the tools and flexibility needed to build and deploy customised commerce experiences efficiently. The platform is built for both marketing teams who prioritise content management and developers working on back end web shop management.

The Core Features:

The platform is an e-commerce engine featuring various subsystems, and works alongside Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) for the generation and presentation of content on the frontend website. The features off this system are:

Checkout And Basket Experience:

Keep customers happy with a hassle free shopping cart and checkout experience. This includes utilising order workflows and connecting payment and shipment gateways for a slick process. Tailor the journey to meet customer preferences seamlessly.

Approval Workflows:

Efficiently manage roles, permissions, and workflows using default or custom-built processes. Notifications, alerts, and escalations make sure each task in the sequence is completed with precision.


Capture real-time or historical behavioural data to create visitor groups and design the most relevant and personalised experiences. Personalisation at scale is key to engaging customers effectively. This can be strengthened even further by connecting this with the Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to gain rich analytics and create specific and detailed customer profiles.

Search and Navigation:

Provide visitors with an agile discovery experience by automatically generating landing pages based on visitor search terms. Simplify the exploration process for enhanced user satisfaction. Or organisations can now embed the headless Optimizely Graph for quicker and more efficient search processes. 


Drive sales and customer loyalty through strategic promotional campaigns. Support the development, implementation and management of simple or complex promotions, discounts, and offers. Track the performance and promotion of campaigns to create data decision marketing decisions. 

Order Management:

Effectively manage the entire order lifecycle with the tools and visibility needed for a hassle free customer experience. Ensure smooth transactions and build trust with your audience.

Catalogue Management:

Combine structured product information with rich emotional content in seamlessly managed and updated catalogues. Present your products in a visually appealing way to capture customers’ attention.

Content Management:

Connect the platform with Optimizely’s CMS for the best results and create and target personalised content and commerce experiences for dynamic audience segments. Tailor your messaging to resonate with the preferences of different customer groups and deliver them to multiple channels with omnichannel marketing.

Media Management:

Enhance the visual appeal of your products and brand your brand with the best media management. Manage the automatic tagging, personalisation, and deployment of rich media, including photos and videos. 

Localisation and Multisite Management:

Strike the right balance between a global presence and targeted, relevant commerce in new and existing local markets. Customise experiences based on geographical and cultural demographics and deliver unique experiences to each demographic whilst maintaining central operational control.

10 Benefits Of The Optimizely Customized Commerce Platform:

Investing in this advanced tool can help organisations improve their online experiences and daily business operations. The benefits of the platform include:

  1. Flexibility in Building:

Build how you want, whether it’s headlessly for mass scale or through a coupled CMS for rapid speed-to-market. Adapt your commerce platform to changing requirements with ease.

  1. Increase Conversions:

Streamline the checkout process with customisable workflows and access to over 200 payment gateways. Make purchasing seamless for customers,which can lead to increased conversion rates.

  1. Expand Your Customer Base With Targeted Personalisation:

Leverage segmentation based on location, behaviour, and more to personalise content at scale. Deliver relevant and engaging experiences that resonate with individual customer preferences.

  1. Increase Returning Visitors:

Impress customers with an easy no nonsense checkout experience. This improves the overall user satisfaction and helps build a positive brand image which increases the likelihood of customers returning and purchasing more.

  1. Extend The Platform To Suit You:

Optimizely Customized Commerce has a rich ecosystem of extensions and integrations that can be used to add new functionality to the platform. You can easily connect third party solutions through the Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP). This makes it a good choice for businesses looking to customise their commerce experience.

  1. Marketer and Developer Friendly: 

It is a headless platform, which means that the storefront is decoupled from the commerce engine. This makes it easy for businesses to make design and marketing based changes to their storefront without having to worry about impacting the commerce engine.

  1. Supported By A Large Community:

The platform is supported by a large community of developers and merchants. You can find 5 star customer reviews on trusted platforms such as Gartner where customers have stated the Customized Commerce makes it 

easy to create and launch, global, scalable, stable and customised solutions.’ 

This large community simplifies finding help and support when you need it.

  1. A Secure Platform:

The Platform is a PCI-compliant platform that is designed to protect sensitive customer data which takes the pressure off worrying about cyber attacks or data breaches. You know your customers’ data is secure.

  1. A Platform That Scales With Your Organisation:

As it is a cloud-based platform it can scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. This makes it a good choice for businesses that are expecting to grow in the future. Also create and target personalised content for dynamic audience segments. Tailor your messaging to connect with different customer groups ao you can reach new audiences effectively.

  1. Cost Effective:

Optimizely’s pricing is tailored to each organisation making it a cost-effective platform. The pricing is based on usage so businesses do not have to pay for unnecessary products they won’t use. This makes it a good choice for both businesses with a smaller budget or huge global brands looking for a comprehensive suite of tools.

Optimizely Customized Commerce is a comprehensive and flexible solution for organisations seeking to thrive in a competitive market. With lots of features and benefits, the platform equips organisations with the tools they need to exceed customer expectations, drive revenue growth, and nurture lasting brand loyalty.

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