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Previously known as Optimizely Welcome, the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) is an agile solution that allows digital teams to drive the quality and efficiency of content marketing seamlessly. Optimizely CMP can help elevate the quality and visibility of existing and future content.

The platform works most efficiently within the Optimizely DXP solution, but there is a long list of Content Management Systems the platform can integrate with due to each project being tailor made from the source. A few examples of the platforms the software can work with are:

The platform can still be used by businesses with solutions not built on Optimizely 12 or older versions. The platform can be utilised to take your current underperforming website to the next level with a market leading technology provider, labelled a digital leader by Gartner.

72% of leading marketers actively track their return of investment to allow for clarity when speaking with internal stakeholders. Optimizely prides itself on being an ROI focused technology that helps enterprise level organisations unlock their digital potential, whilst returning the financial contributions made to set up operations with the technology. 

Optimizely Content Marketing Platform features include: 

  • Calendars – Create, update and view your content calendar all within the same interface as you write and publish your content from
  • Campaigns – Intelligent project management software to help increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns
  • Work Requests – Create and maintain forms to make it easier for potential customer to reach out through your content
  • Tasks and workflows – Automate your workflow from start to finishing assigning tasks to the people with relevant expertise
  • DAM (Digital Asset Manager) – Manage the assets that help bring your content marketing to life in your brand library including optimising them for search engines
  • Content editor – Upload any from of file or create and edit content with project level access giving teams the ability to utilise multiple marketers knowledge at one time
  • Performance analysis – Demonstrate actionable insights to key stakeholders and fellow marketers to evolve content to a higher calibre
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The Optimizely suite is a state of the art technology collection that can be used together or individually. Aside from the CMP there are other Optimizely products that organisations can use to revolutionise their digital presence. 

Over 9000 organisations are actively using some form of the tool from the suite, including big names brands like Ebay, Sky, American Express and Santander.

Optimizely is an ROI focused solution famous for:

  • Experimentation – A/B Testing is the number one strategy to improve CRO
  • Personalisation – Can increase conversion rates up to 202%
  • Easy of use – Reduce training time and increase efficiency of the tech
  • Agility/Scalability – To allow for a long term digital road map
  • Security – To allow confidence in customer and/or sensitive data

59% of marketers state that the technology they have access to determines their approach to digital strategies. Selecting the right platform with agreement from those above and around your marketing team can massively increase the productivity organisation wide. Many roles and tasks become easier and less challenging when equipped with the best technology. 


Are you or anyone from your organisation interested in learning more about the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform or other Optimizely products? Reach out to us, we specialise in the full product suite  and have accredited experts that are more than happy to demonstrate the technology in action, just pick a date that suits your team. 


We are Ultimedia, a group of platform specialists with over 25 years of experience in the digital industry. Working solely with the platform our clients’ projects are in the reliable hands of solution architects, digital marketers and recognised digital strategists. As the first Optimizely Partner, we gain early access to the latest updates, products and acquisitions information to help customers seamlessly transition and bolster their digital marketing.  
If your marketing team is interested in learning more contact us with any questions and we can arrange a chat to answer any questions you have about Optimizely (formerly Episerver).

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