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Optimizely Marketplace

In today’s competitive landscape, offering a personalised and consistent customer experience is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. With 69% of customers craving just that: a seamless journey across all touchpoints. This is where a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) comes in, acting as a powerful tool to create and manage these omnichannel experiences. Investing in a robust DXP such as Optimizely empowers marketing teams and other stakeholders to effectively oversee and enhance their digital initiatives and customer interactions across all channels.

But what if you want to further extend the capabilities of your DXP and cater to your specific business needs? This is where Optimizely stands out from the rest, with its huge library of third party integrations on the Optimizely Marketplace.

What is the Optimizely Marketplace?

The Optimizely Marketplace is a one-stop shop for applications, integrations, and connectors that seamlessly work with your existing Optimizely platform. This marketplace empowers organisations to broaden your digital experience by adding functionalities that cater to your unique business requirements.

The Optimizely Marketplace serves as a treasure trove for organisations aiming to extend DXP. These offerings can include plugins, integrations with other software tools, custom extensions, and more, all aimed at expanding the capabilities of Optimizely’s core platform. By leveraging the Marketplace, users can easily extend the functionality of Optimizely to better suit their specific needs, whether it’s in terms of analytics, personalisation, A/B testing, or other aspects of digital experience optimisation.

Examples of Third Party Integrations In The Optimizely Marketplace:

Optimizely recognises that every organisation operates with its own distinct needs and business goals. In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, a one-size-fits-all approach to digital solutions falls short. When considering an investment in a new DXP, the last thing you want is to disrupt your entire internal operational setup. Thankfully, with Optimizely, you don’t have to worry about such disruptions.

Whether it’s your marketing strategies, data management, or ecommerce systems that you’re focused on, Optimizely likely offers a connector tailored to your specific needs within their marketplace. Examples include: 

  • 6sense: For sales and marketing teams, 6sense reveals anonymous buying behaviour and helps prioritise accounts. Gain insights to drive targeted campaigns and boost conversion rates.
  • Mixpanel: Track user interactions with web and mobile applications to help gain a better understanding of user behaviour and improve their products to suit customer preferences.
  • Hubspot: A customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a suite of marketing, sales, and service software tools.
  • Microsoft Office 365: Seamlessly use Microsoft Office within Optimizely’s Content Marketing Platform. Collaborate efficiently and enhance productivity.
  • Google Analytics: Access rich insights about website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Optimise your content strategy based on data-driven decisions.
  • Siteimprove: Consistently create meaningful search engine optimised content experiences that are usable, discoverable, reliable, functional, and compliant.
  • Baymard Premium: Access actionable best practices for experiment ideation and user experience optimisation.
  • TradeCentric PunchOut: Enable PunchOut Catalog and sales order automation with procurement systems. Streamline purchasing processes.
  • Bynder: Streamline content creation, organisation, and distribution across your web presence. Deliver consistent digital experiences efficiently.
  • Shopify: Keep monitoring your ecommerce platform. Additionally, generate customised coupon codes within Shopify and seamlessly synchronise blog posts across the Shopify platform.

8 Benefits Of Extending Your DXP:

1. Enhanced Customer Retention: Data shows that delivering omnichannel experiences can increase customer retention by 90%. By integrating third-party solutions from the marketplace, organisations can create seamless and personalised interactions, leading to stronger customer loyalty.

2. Higher ROI: A well-extended DXP can yield a staggering 299% return on investment. The marketplace allows businesses to enhance their existing Optimizely products, maximising the value they receive.

3. Accelerated Development: A robust DXP with strong third party integrations can cut development time by 20-40%. Rather than building everything from scratch, organisations can focus on innovation and speed up their digital initiatives.

4. Cost Savings: Integrations contribute to cost savings. By streamlining processes and leveraging third-party tools, organisations can save up on total combined costs.

5. Personalisation Power: As 69% of customers now expect personalised and consistent experiences across multiple channels (both physical and digital), extending your DXP ensures you meet these expectations. The marketplace provides tools to tailor content and interactions.

6. Streamlined Operations: Integrations simplify complex workflows. Whether it’s content management, analytics, or marketing, organisations can collaborate seamlessly across teams and systems.

7. Use Data To Make Changes That Create Results: Leverage analytics integrations available in the marketplace. Make informed decisions based on rich insights about website traffic, user behaviour, and marketing effectiveness.

8. Competitive Edge: A well-extended DXP positions your organisation ahead of the curve. By offering superior digital experiences, you gain a competitive edge in the volatile digital market.

The Optimizely Marketplace empowers organisations to enhance their digital ecosystem, drive efficiency, and create exceptional experiences. 

Do You Have To Pay For Integrations?

The pricing structure for integrations in the Optimizely Marketplace varies depending on the specific app or connector. Some are offered for free, while others require a subscription fee. You can purchase integrations directly from the publishers within the marketplace, and the payment will be handled outside of Optimizely.

By exploring the Optimizely Marketplace, you can unlock the full potential of your DXP, potentially cutting development time by 20-40% and saving 20% on total combined costs With its vast array of functionalities and potential cost savings, the Optimizely Marketplace is a valuable resource for organisations looking to personalise and optimise their customer experiences.

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