Optimizely Analytics

Leverage invaluable data and experimentation for your organisation to optimise your website with Optimizely analytics.


What is Optimizely Analytics?

Optimizely analytics can be used for tracking and analysing website traffic. Organisations can measure and optimise digital experiences by providing insights into user interactions, CRO and other key metrics to aid informed decision making for improving user engagement.

The Benefits of Optimizely Analytics


The power of data makes it easy for businesses to achieve sustained success in the digital realm.


Analytics are available for all Optimizely customers and organisations can tailor the depth of analytical data based on their organisational requirements.


Developers can easily make changes based on real time analytics using friendly interfaces and simplified dashboards.

Optimizely Data Platform (ODP)

The core Optimizely analytics product is the Optimizely Data Platform. In March 2021 Optimizely announced the acquisition of Zaius making it easier than ever to make customer-centric digital decisions. 

The ODP can:

  • Store and harmonise customer data
  • Gather data from multiple sources and can be extended with APIs
  • Build unified visitor and customer profiles for segmentation
  • Allow for predictive rather than reactive decisions

This data can then be used to power Optimizely Web Experimentation in delivering sophisticated personalisation.

Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

The Optimizely CMS can be paired with another powerful content analytical tool, Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP). Access dashboards displaying content analytics makes it easy to monitor progress against content marketing goals. 


Integration with Google Analytics helps generate engagement reporting and ROI Analytics using best of class technology.

Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP)

Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP) allows organisations to build their own integrations with (ODP). It also features a curated selection of apps available to all Optimizely customers which have been created by developers, ready for seamless integration. 

Connect apps with APIs, enhancing the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

The platform connects your sources of customer data so you can gain a holistic view of your customers to optimise their experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Optimizely Experimentation Marketing

Optimizely experimentation software is one of the fastest and most powerful on the market. These experiments can help marketers create a data lead marketing strategy by providing marketers with invaluable analytics to improve conversion rates and ROI.

Experimentation includes:

These experiments equip organisations with the number one strategy for conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

The analytics can be used by marketing teams to gradually implement visual changes for a controlled subset of users to fine tune to design and increase the website performance.

Optimizely Commerce

Whether you are a B2B or B2C organisation, Optimizely Commerce offerings can aso be integrated with the CMP and the ODP to curate actionable insights about your customers. 

Optimizely provides built in visuals for real time data and also allows for historic analytical comparison.

Additionally, commerce analytics are available globally allowing for scalability. 

Optimizely Analytics Experts

We are the UK and Middle East’s first accredited Optimizely Partner. 

Our team of experts are certified across the Optimizely product suite, including Optimizely Experimentation and Content Cloud to ensure our clients maximise their investment. 

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