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Optimizely Multivariate Testing Interface

Optimizely has a long history in experimentation and for being an innovative, industry leader in A/B and multivariate testing. The main difference between A/B testing and multivariate testing, is that the latter allows marketers to change and test more than one variable at a time. For example in changing a headline and image, the variations might look something like the below:




Optimizely’s multivariate testing capabilities is unmatched in its sophistication and power to enhance digital experiences and conversions, making it a highly valuable tool for digitally ambitious enterprises.

How can Optimizely Multivariate Testing Benefit Your Organisation?

Implementing experimentation such as multivariate testing provides metrics for the digital editing team and gives marketing departments the insight and advantage required to elevate user experience that translates into profitable engagement.


Multivariate tests split traffic between multiple test versions. This technique requires higher traffic volumes than A/B tests which split traffic 50/50. However, when implemented on websites with high volumes of traffic, multivariate can be highly efficient as marketers can run one experiment in place of several A/B tests.


Businesses that implement experimentation features like Optimizely multivariate testing and Optimizely A/B testing can see up to a 10% boost to revenue compared to organisations that overlook it. A logical advantage to making incremental changes based on audience preferences and behaviour.


By tracking and measuring how your website visitors are engaging with different versions of content, allows marketers to run a deep analysis of audience behaviour and how to best engage with them to generate valuable relationships and results.


Organisations using experimentation tactics benefit from increased audience engagement across metrics such as the number of views, time spent on page and conversion rate. Brands that implement experimentation tactics are reported to see 12% more website traffic than those without.

Getting Started with Optimizely Multivariate Testing

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