Episerver Campaign

Episerver Campaign

Design, create and automate intelligent marketing campaigns to generate meaningful customer experiences.

What is Episerver Campaign?

Episerver Campaign is a part of the powerful Episerver DXC suite (now Optimizely). A professional multichannel campaign management marketing tool for mailing management for ambitious brands.

Organisations with a well-considered multichannel marketing strategy see a 9.5% uplift in annual revenue year-on-year, making it an attractive approach for brands with a vision for growth.

A key feature of Episerver Campaign is its integration capabilities. It can be integrated into Episerver Content Cloud or Episerver Commerce Cloud installations and it has a variety of out of the box integrations with automation products from different vendors.

It is its robust and versatile API, used to automate marketing activities that gives brands the flexibility to securely and seamlessly integrate with third-party software. This means whichever channels marketers wish to include in their campaigns (i.e. email or social media), Episerver’s interface easily connects it all in one place for effortless management.

Benefits of Episerver Campaign

Episerver Campaign empowers organisations to manage their multichannel campaigns with the following functional areas.

  • Manage multichannel campaigns and their constituent parts
  • Manage Smart Campaigns (one-shot event invitations etc.)
  • Marketing Automation to manage multi-step campaigns with action and event based mailings for defined target groups
  • Manage transactional mailings which are sent automatically as a result of events within the system (i.e abandoned basket or requesting information)
  • Send time optimisation to message at the correct point in a client’s lifecycle


Recipient lists, block lists, target groups, opt-in lists and profiles are also all catered for within the product.


Episerver Campaign analysis

Performance driven campaigns call for extensive reporting and analysis features, and Episerver Campaign doesn’t disappoint, offering a broad range of analytical and monitoring features.

  • A performance dashboard to display agreed KPIs
  • Deep Analytics, a whole reporting suite, lets you combine various metrics and groups to create cross-client analyses
  • Live analytics lets users create Realtime, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analyses
  • Deliverability preview allows users to check their mailings before despatch
  • Post-click tracking integrations lets marketers analyse actions by email recipients on their website
  • Visual Link Analysis displays how often each link in a mailing is clicked
  • Visual Attention Analysis shows the usability of the campaign emails before they’re sent
  • Activity Overview for a defined period evaluates the marketing activities

Episerver Partner

We are Ultimedia, the first accredited Episerver Partner in the UK (now Optimizely). Since 1995, we have been helping ambitious organisations to unlock their digital potential using customer-centric and data-driven digital experiences. To learn more about Episerver/Optimizely or to book a demo, contact us on 0161 260 1500.