Episerver DXC

Episerver DXC or Digital Experience Cloud is a combination of digital product offerings which can be used in many combinations for different business challenges. The whole map of the digital offerings in Episerver DXC (now Optimizely) briefly consists of the following product offerings:

  • Content Management System (Episerver CMS)
  • Episerver Commerce (B2C and B2B)
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Product and Content recommendations
  • Search and navigation
  • Visitor Intelligence
  • Personalisation
  • Optimizely Campaign
  • Optimizely Intelligence Cloud

Episerver DXC: Content Management System

Episerver DXC includes a CMS that is powerful, easy to use and has everything needed for enterprise-level organisation. It provides marketers with a suite of tools for:

  • Creating page and content blocks which can be placed on pages
  • Adding images
  • Linking Content
  • Content collaboration
  • Managing content versions
  • Content approvals and workflow
  • Working with multilingual content
  • Managing permissions over the website

Organisations can benefit from an editorial interface that can operate in an, ‘On page’ editing view or in an, ‘All properties’ editing view, giving users flexibility to work however suits them.

Assets can be media files, images, documents, blocks or products from Episerver Commerce Cloud. The CMS allows you to work directly from the on page view or from an assets panel which will show a hierarchy of folders, media files, blocks and commerce catalogs.

Different types of properties (fields) can occur on a page and these have a TinyMCE editorial environment. The editorial environment is collaborative and the publishing process can be controlled through a workflow and publishing can be instant or scheduled.

B2C Commerce

This is a complete B2C commerce solution which is designed to make commerce marketers’ lives easier. The Episever eCommerce solution has a broad range of functionalities that give marketing teams all they need to create high impact customer experiences on a technology that seamlessly integrates with their other systems. Episerver DXC has been made with both internal and external users in mind, which is evident in how easy the platform is to use. Helping busy and ambitious teams work together more efficiently and effectively.

Some of the functionalities include:

  • Editable Shopping flow
  • A series of integrations through its own extensive API
  • Catalogs with pricing, markets, inventories, warehouses and assets (images, documents)
  • Order management facilities to manage shopping carts, purchase orders, returns
  • Customer management facilities for contacts and organisations
  • Market definitions and management
  • Marketing facilities for management of campaigns and discounts
  • Reporting facilities
  • Administration facilities for markets, warehouses, catalogs, taxes, shipping, payments, dictionaries, and managing scheduled jobs.
  • Content facilities, over and above those required for Optimizely Content Cloud, to manage languages, personalization, commerce gadgets and access rights.

B2B Commerce

Similar to the B2C offering, the Optimizely B2B Commerce solution under Episerver DXC is designed to deliver industry-leading capabilities at scale for enterprise-level organisations. Being a SaaS Cloud solution, one of its strengths is the speed of implementation.

This powerful module empowers brands to get organised and be flexible with system integrations. Organisations that choose Episerver DXC benefit from having a solution that is tailored to their business needs, with an arsenal of tools all in one place. Some of the core capabilities include:

  • Products: brands, product lines, categories, recommendations, inventory, pricing
  • Users and Customers: including roles and permissions
  • Orders: order management, cart  and checkout, RFQ, lists, budgets, order approvals, payments, taxes, returns
  • Fully integrated content management facilities on the latest technologies
  • Marketing:customer segments, promotions, SEO, multilingual, multicurrency, multisite
  • Mobile App with branding options
  • B2B Commerce Analytics with dashboards and customers
  • B2B Commerce SDK covering all aspect of operation of the system

Product Information Management (PIM)

Optimizely PIM is a fully configurable and organisable system for storing information relating to products, which can be used by the eCommerce systems or equally by ERP systems.

There is a recommended path for implementing a PIM which consists of:

  • Design considerations
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Configuration of Property Groups and Properties
  • Creating Product Templates
  • Defining Category Trees and Categories
  • Settings configuration
  • Importing Products, importing digital assets and assigning digital assets
  • Maintaining Product Information
  • Collections and Workspaces
  • Product Variants
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Publishing updates to B2B Commerce

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Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations is a great feature for customer-centric brands and can be used within the eCommerce system for personalisation, boosting engagement and conversions.

Functionality includes:

  • Campaign management for product recommendations
  • Activation and preview of product recommendations
  • Campaign approval workflow
  • Product Recommendations report

Content Recommendations

Content Recommendations can be used in conjunction with experimentation tools such as Optimizely A/B testing and MVT testing and experimentation. It can also be used in conjunction with Visitor Groups to recommend content.

This feature offers marketers a variety of monitoring tools, including, content, insight and engagement dashboard. Users also benefit from filters and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to help them create optimum experiences.

Search and Navigation

Optimizely Search and Navigation helps organisations to increase traffic and conversion rates on their website. Marketers can customise the user experience to ensure visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly. This tool includes:

  • Optimise search
  • Analysing search statistics
  • Manually optimizing Search
  • Configuring search
  • Using Personalised Search

Visitor Intelligence

Visitor Intelligence is an important part of Episerver DXC, it incorporates a user interface for viewing and filtering profiles and viewing their behaviour. Marketings can quickly create segments from the profiles that can then be used in marketing campaigns.

Naturally, having a full view of how your audience is behaving is paramount, so there’s also a dashboard for Visitor Intelligence which can be used to drill down into more specific areas.


80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a business that offers personalised experiences. It’s no surprise that 88% of marketers say their priority with personalisation is to improve customer experience. Personalisation in Episerver DXC lets you individualise content in a variety of contexts to achieve this. These are:

  • Content Recommendations displayed online to visitors
  • Product Recommendations displayed online to visitors
  • Email Content Recommendations sent in a campaign
  • Email Product Recommendations sent in a campaign
  • Triggered Messages – under a variety of conditions
  • Promoted Content – as a result of promoting a discount, product or service

Optimizely Campaign

Organisations with a well implemented omnichannel strategy see a 9.5% Year-on-Year increase in annual revenue, compared to the 3.4% uplift that brands that overlook this strategy experience. Optimizely Campaign is an multichannel marketing software solution which creates, sends and evaluates campaigns.

It can help marketers to successfully manage:

  • Multichannel campaigns
  • Smart campaigns e.g., events or one-offs
  • Marketing automation can be used to develop multi-step campaigns

Episerver DXC’s Analytics tools can be used to measure the success of these campaigns.

Optimizely Intelligence Cloud

Optimizely Intelligence Cloud is a powerful layer in Episerver DXC that gives it the competitive edge in the market. This feature captures customer data and behaviours across all platforms. It uses that intelligence to make real-time AI-powered personalisations and optimisations on the website.

It consists of the three products:

  • Personalised Content Recommendations
  • Personalised Product Recommendations
  • Optimizely Content Intelligence audits and insights from the dashboard

Intelligence cloud underpins a lot of the technology’s capabilities and is a key drive to helping brands to elevate their digital strategy.

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