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We live in a digital world, where almost everything we need can be accessed at a click of a button and each interaction with our chosen brands become more and more personalised. For businesses, this means it’s critical to have the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, consumer expectations and evolve digitally to be able to deliver profitable, seamless experiences and to avoid being left behind by competitors.

By investing in an industry leading Digital Experience Platform like Episerver ecommerce businesses have access to a powerful set of tools that can help elevate their digital strategy and importantly, their bottom line.

5 ways to transform your business

1. Meet and exceed customer expectations with Episerver ecommerce at speed

72% of global decision makers expect most of their revenue to come from their ecommerce websites by 2025. Consumers expect personalised experiences and for businesses they engage with to know them and deliver the same level of customer experience as they might get from their accounts with Amazon, Spotify or Netflix. A key driver for the success of these household names is personalisation and leveraging content or product recommendations for their customers. Episerver Commerce has extensive capabilities that empower marketers to tailor the end-to-end customer journey.

Brands that put their customers first, win. Creating digital customer experiences (CX) that lead to happy customers is a profitable strategy, it really is as simple as that. 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience and investing in CX initiatives has the potential to double revenue in three years. There’s also the benefit of retaining customers and therefore reducing the reliance on costly lead generation tactics. Episerver ecommerce allows brands to personalise the user journey at an individual level and using sophisticated targeting technology. Making sure the right deals, discounts or campaigns are always shown to the most relevant audience at a time that’s most impactful.

Using an agile platform like Epserver also enables organisations to react quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. This benefits both relationships with existing customers, but can also uncover new opportunities. For example, a musical accessories retailer recently launched a new Episerver ecommerce site which not only caters for customers in a retail context, but also provides for the B2B clients; resellers of their products and accessories. They’re now uncovering completely new channels of sales opportunities for their products. With Episerver ecommerce they can implement these new market propositions very quickly. Being able to quickly create new campaigns, offers, product bundles, and a variety of reactive propositions has a massive impact on exposure, market awareness and ultimately sales revenues. Brands who are keen to accelerate their digital transformation and pull away from the competition are smart to look to enterprise-level tools to help them do so.

2. Lower costs and increase your customer reach

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages for marketers in companies that adopt Episerver ecommerce, is that it expands geographical presence on a global scale. The platform is equipped to help improve online visibility for brands and their products through ongoing optimisation capabilities. This ensures organisation’s are visible on search engines, making it easier to break into new markets, whilst having a positive impact on sales revenues.

Whilst there is arguably value in bricks and mortar stores, the overheads for multiple locations nationally, or internationally has financial implications that don’t apply to ecommerce businesses. Especially, when organisations can invest in a digital platform that is accessible 24/7 around the world, with the added convenience of being reached wherever the customer is. Overall, the customer experience online is exceptionally convenient, customers can effortlessly search, browse, compare and purchase products at their leisure without having to leave their home. In addition to this, if they forget anything in their basket, with a friendly reminder they can quickly pick up where they left off.

3. Nurture valuable relationships

Episerver ecommerce enables the supplier to open a continued channel of communications with their potential clients. They can identify their audiences and on an ongoing basis effectively communicate with them with offers, associated products and latest information releases.

Another advantage of the platform is that it integrates effortlessly with third-party tools and systems to help pool all the important interactions and data around audiences to deliver premium service and experiences.

4. COVID’s impact on demand

During the first two years of the pandemic, 56% of consumers have been pushed to use different online suppliers. The COVID crisis and series of lockdowns disrupted businesses sector-wide, but notably it highlighted the organisations which had neglected to invest in a digital transformation strategy. Those who had been slow to do so, left an open goal for competitors or new entrants to market that had a focus on digital.

Buying behaviours changed during 2020 and 2021 and it looks like these are here to stay, with 33% of buyers reporting to continue their new shopping habits even after the pandemic subsides. Analysts from a variety of organisations agree that ecommerce accounts for over 25% of all retail sales in the UK and that an annual growth rate of approaching 4% is expected going forwards. With this foresight, brands that adopt Episerver Ecommerce are putting themselves in a strong position for the future. With the uncertainty that businesses have experienced during the pandemic, ensuring that your organisation has invested in a platform that can navigate you and your customers through disruption or changes to the wider environment has proven to be invaluable.

5. Optimise, convert, measure

Ecommerce marketers have a lot of plates to spin and so having a platform like Episerver that keeps on top of tracking and reporting is crucial to success. The analytics and reporting dashboards can be customised to suit your business, to include some impressive optimisation capabilities. These include optimisation of:

  • Categories and products within the catalogue structure
  • Campaign structure and execution for maximum uptake of products, coupons, and a variety of related offers and messages.
  • Page and product effectiveness through experimentation
  • Personalisation facilities and linking them to product uptake
  • Messaging to consumers through tracking of omnichannel, full lifecycle consumer history and social media alignment.
  • Your search and navigation facilities to increase conversion rates.
  • Associated content and measuring the success of videos over imagery and text.
  • Loyalty pricing and offers to retain greater percentages of consumers.

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