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Episerver Find Developer Index Overview

Episerver Find developer index is also known as Optimizely Search and Navigation and is used by developers to set up and implement search and find on development sites. With the possibility to be set up in multiple languages, global organisations can cater to audiences worldwide.

The .NET API is highly flexible, which keeps integration seamless with your organisation’s current CMS. Customers with different solutions to Episerver CMS also benefit from easily harnessing the tool to elevate the quality of their organisation’s website.

Once implemented, successful users will see a new tab in their Episerver portal which gives access to a public and private index URL. When considering which items to incorporate with Episerver Find, developers can specify if they want to be site wide or restricted to a subset of pages. 


Episerver Find developer index is a SaaS feature, meaning the subscription can be changed and upgraded to match your organisation’s growth. As a site grows, typically so do the number of items indexed. Developers can constantly add new pages with no limitations due to the ability of upgrading your current package or to purchase additional numbers for features including, indexes and items.

One of the biggest changes in the packages as they grow is the capability to cater for multiple languages. The packages range from two languages to ten. As your organisation grows and expands it is able to also consider other territories with no quality effect on developers output.


Depending on the requirements, your organisation can decide which package fits the need and requirements, suitable for all size sites from five thousand to one million items to match site and ambitions. Alongside this the option of many languages your organisation requires can alter the cost. 

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Developers can access the demo index for 30 days that can index up to 10,000 items including multilingual. Organisations are able to decide on a smaller scale with little risk and commitment if the softwares increases productivity and efficiency before fully taking on the overhead and permanently implementing the technology.


Episerver (now rebranded to Optimizely) is considered a market leading DXP by Gartner. Episerver aims to help customers unlock their digital potential whilst achieving a positive ROI. At a fair price when compared to less capable competitors, the capabilities of Episerver after the evolution to Optimizely have allowed developers, IT teams and marketers alike to effortlessly elevate the quality of their output and improve the organisation’s results.


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