Episerver CMS

Episerver CMS (now Optimizely) enables organisations to create sophisticated digital experiences using a suite of intelligent products and marketing tools.


Why choose Episerver CMS?

We are the UK’s first Episerver Partner, giving our clients that extra bit of reassurance that their project is in the most experienced hands. Episerver (Optimizely) is a longstanding leader in the CMS world, offering medium to enterprise-level organisations a suite of digital marketing tools and quick and intuitive interface for marketing teams to use.

Episerver CMS is one of the most cost effective investments that improves performance and empowers any team member, from content authors to developers to manage the platform with ease. Users can easily access and edit content without the requirement to use HTML code.

Key features and benefits with Episerver CMS:


The Episerver CMS on-page capabilities are just one area that makes the platform stand out. Organisations benefit from intelligent web content recommendations based on user behaviours, interests and engagement data to deliver personalised content to help boost conversions.


Episerver CMS boasts a long list of marketing features that enable organisations to deliver personalised emails that harness artificial intelligence to boost conversions. Alongside the personalisation tools to create rules and segments, the platform also has intuitive tools geared towards commerce, such as discount and sales tools.


Use Episerver’s testing capabilities to uncover and monitor your content’s performance at a page or component level.


This feature allows teams to work on content initiatives at speed with collaborations and workflows.


Like any modern CMS, Episerver is equipped with excellent media management features. Whether you’re looking to bring your content to life with video, embed images or add social media links, it’s tools have got you covered.


Content and UX go hand in hand. With Episerver CMS, you are able to manage everything in one place, creating premium navigation and customised checkout experiences. The platform’s features are all geared towards generating rich digital experiences that are user-friendly for both businesses managing the CMS and the website visitors.

Episerver CMS Experts

As Episerver Partners, our team are industry specialists. We are here to help our clients get the most from the platform and generate brilliant results.

We build sophisticated solutions that empower your organisation to unlock digital potential and create seamless experiences that boost ROI. To learn more about the Episerver CMS, Episerver pricing and how it could benefit your organisation, call us on 0161 260 1500 or contact us today.


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