Optimizely A/B Testing

Optimise your website visitors’ experiences and build personalised experiences to improve engagement with customers.


What is Optimizely A/B testing?

Optimizely A/B testing (also referred to as split testing) is the tactic used for experimentation by marketers to compare content versions to get the best results. Organisations can use this feature for proof of which page layouts and content drives the best results.

After acquiring the number one company in the world in the MVT testing arena, Optimizely is the number one company in the world for multivariate testing. It has an unparalleled ability to unleash the power of experimentation to the digital editing community, making it an incredibly high-value asset to ambitious brands.

Optimizely A/B Testing Benefits

Using Optimizely experimentation establishes metrics for the digital editing community and gives marketing departments the leverage they need to increase footfall, product acquisition and a variety of other metrics.

Optimizely A/B testing and experimentation features help to improve website and business performance,  introducing experimentation simply boosts results.


Time spent on site is reported to be 4% higher for brands that use testing and experimentation.


study of 35,000 businesses uncovered that where experimentation was implemented Page views were 12% higher, than websites without.


Revenue is reported to have increased by 10% more than businesses without the experimentation features like Optimizely A/B testing.


Testing and experimentation allows your organisation to dig deeper into consumer behaviour. Giving you valuable insights into how to create better content, experiences and overall profitable relationships.

Optimizely A/B testing and experimentation capabilities

  • Create and manage audiences with standard visitor behaviours, standard elements e.g. languages.
  • Create unlimited projects within your environment, identifying different departments within your organization.
  • Create within your site snippet scripts, custom web hooks and integrations.
  • Metric and event identification and tracking.
  • Track custom activities on each page within your site with a built in editor to create variations.
  • Create Experiments which are A/B tests, Multivariate tests or Personalisation tests.
  • Enable firing of your tests over many pages or criteria within your website
  • Get information on the results of your experimentations.

Optimizely A/B testing tips

  • Start with your own analytics, what do your users want to do, where do they focus and is the page clear, are they getting the information they need and what do your surveys indicate?
  • Begin with the actual problem, the pain points and what are the solutions which would produce what results
  • You will typically find that a third of your experiments will deliver 10% of uplift

Why choose Optimizely?

Optimizely is a powerful digital experience software for ambitious brands that want to put their customer experience at the core of their strategy. Optimizely A/B testing is just one tool in a broad portfolio that helps Optimizely (formerly Episerver) to be the leading DXP for brands. Optimizely customers benefit from:

  • An easy to use platform.
  • One tool to test everything within your digital estate.
  • Accurate results to allow your teams to move faster.
  • Collaboration at scale.
  • Top tier website speed and security, alongside enabling scaling of experimentation.
  • Generating creative experimental ideas which lead to greater velocity and bigger wins.


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