Episerver Customer Data Platform Service

Episerver Customer Data Platform

Grow revenue with contextualised experiences to each customer that uses real-time behavioural insights.

What is the Episerver Customer Data Platform?

Episerver Customer Data Platform is the technology that unifies customer profiles from multiple data and channel sources. In 2021 Optimizely (previously Episerver) acquired a powerful activated customer data platform (CDP), Zaius to enhance its CDP offering to their customers. 

Unlike other CDPs, Episerver’s product has pre-built integrations which allows organisations to connect easily to their existing systems, sync data and go to market faster than when using alternative data platforms on the market.

Episerver Customer Data Platform Benefits

Blended customer data

Get a harmonised view of customer profiles via a one-click integration that pulls data from all channels into one identity. Marketers are provided with a blended, single format that offers rich and actionable insights.

Get to know your customers better

The Episerver Customer Data Platform helps organisations build meaningful, profitable relationships with their customers with profiles that work in real-time and adapt to customer behaviour. This provides marketers with the opportunity to deliver flexible, personalised and data-driven experiences.

AI-driven analytics

Increase your analytical agility with predictive analytics that use a powerful AI-engine to deliver seamless, personalised multichannel campaigns. Removing any challenges around attribution and boosted accuracy.

Episerver Customer Data Platform Capabilities:

Data core service

Unify your data sets across Episerver DXC for deeper customer insights. The data core service is included at no additional cost across the product suite and gives organisations full visibility into their data without sacrificing composability.


Engage customers and unlock new revenue streams with smart, segmentation capabilities. Optimizely (Episerver) uses a sophisticated data science model to enhance segmentation, using predictive recommendations and rich customer insights.

Unify profiles

Profile unification helps organisations to keep the human element in their marketing. Episerver Customer Data Platform connects each interaction that a customer has made, across any source to build a true-to-life profile that promotes customer centricity. Market to people, not cookies.


Launch omnichannel campaigns with ease with Episerver (Optimizely) that are personalised at a 1-2-1 level and relevant to your audience at every touchpoint across commerce, marketing and service channels.

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