Optimizely Commerce

Optimizely Commerce

What is Optimizely Commerce?

Optimizely Commerce is a high calibre platform that can be utilised for both B2B and B2C centric organisations. B2B and B2C businesses typically have a separation when it comes to the quality of user experiences. Optimizely bridges that gap and lets B2B deliver unique and optimised user journeys. Previously known as Episerver Commerce B2C And B2B Cloud, the solution’s rebrand to Optimizely came in January 2021.

Business centric organisations have been much slower to adapt and keep up with consumer focused brands. Site journeys on B2B sites feel outdated when compared to today’s digital standard set by digitally mature brands. When using services such as YouTube, Etsy, and ASOS, users are provided with a unique experience that remembers previous journeys, interactions, details and more.

56% of CTOs stated that their main aim for commerce digital transformations should be to maximise the return on technical investments. Both B2B and B2C companies are falling behind more digitally savvy transactional websites from direct and indirect competitors. Many companies are ignoring the potential benefits that utilising both personalisation and experimentation can have on returning and new customers.

Simplicity is the beauty of Optimizely’s commerce solution. The platform makes tasks that were once deemed challenging for commerce platform operations easier, including increasing visibility with content. To get a first person experience of the leading solution book an Optimizely demo.

When coupling the solution with Optimizely’s CMS users are able to deliver flexible content on the go with headless features. Using the content graph content teams can: 

  • Access an on-demand content library and utilise exactly what you need, when you need it
  • Edit and maintain content rapidly in the same interface (no need to leave the commerce login)
  • Search for snippets of text within existing content in your directory

Optimizely Commerce B2B

B2B companies are often seen as the least engaging of the two commerce types. Companies have ignored what works so well for customer centric brands and deliver underwhelming experiences to their site users. This is something that was prominent during our research in hugely successful sectors like legal and insurance

The lack of features such as schema markup, personalisation and experimentation left users wanting more from websites that target personal and/or sensitive aspects of users’ life such as legal challenges and business insurance. 

Providing users with a negative experience on your site can prevent the creation of a relationship and a feeling of trust. Ultimately making it more unlikely for users to reach out regarding a (typically larger size) business conversion.

Powered by Optimizely’s acquisition of ‘InsiteCommerce’ in December 2019. The solution is taken to the next level  combined with other products in the suite such as: 

The commerce solutions can also be integrated with other content management systems.

Optimizely Commerce B2C

The B2C side of commerce is a more competitive environment due to the heavy investment in digital transformation in recent years. Digital decision makers in consumer centric businesses have made it a priority to provide users with a positive experience. Committing and investing into UX increase the likelihood of actions such as:

  • First time conversion – Creating a simple and unique journey can make users more likely to invest in your products and/or services.
  • Reconversion – Providing a positive experience to users leaves a great first impression and increase the chance of returning when needing similar products and/or services (when coupled with rigorous remarketing)
  • Recommendations/Referrals – Both word of mouth and on social channels
  • Positive reviews – When paired with proper schema this can drive search engine visibility and influence users to invest into your organisation

Optimizely’s headless operations lets online retailers target multiple areas looked over by so many. Digital teams are able to make sites run efficiently to prevent any UX hindrances whilst also having the tools and capabilities to potentially become the most visible in their sector. Using the same content features mentioned in the B2B sector, organisations are able to work with search engines to get their products in front of the right audiences that have the intent to buy. Targeting the correct organic search terms is something that so many across all sectors are ignoring. Collaborating with a digital marketing expert can help your website find the correct audience.

The Optimizely Suite

Why Optimizely’ you might ask? The commerce side of the solution is just an aspect that leading organisations are taking the reins of for its benefits. The solution has a whole suite of products made to aid ambitious organisations and brands reach their digital potential at a competitive price.

The commerce solutions can work seamlessly with both the CMS and Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (previously Optimizely Welcome). Having these tools in your arsenal sets your organisation apart from the competition. 

Harness the possibility of beating competition in multiple aspects of digital marketing to fulfil customers’ needs before other brands do.

The Pride of ROI

How much does Optimizely Cost? One of the solution’s main focuses is to set companies up for success. This starts with a positive ROI on technology investments. With an unmatched average on time taken for a positive ROI, the solution becomes more valuable over time as the solution has paid itself off. 

Forrester states that the Optimizely platform has an ROI of 370% when moving from legacy or homegrown solutions such as Sitecore, Umbraco, and WordPress.

The Suite’s Scalability

Optimizely is much more than a commerce solution. The array of tools gives organisations the arsenal to cover all digital areas from marketing to asset management. With structured price plans, businesses are able to find what tier fits their needs and prevent overspending on areas and/or features that will not be used. Getting your organisations on a future ready platform will let teams focus on the results with little to no limitations and prevent the restrictions that legacy platforms often come with. 

Getting Started With Optimizely Commerce

Businesses often want to learn how to use Optimizely to a high standard to maximise ROI . Reaching out to an accredited partner is the best place to start when looking to learn more about the platform. Optimizely Partners such as Ultimedia can aid your organisation in a successful digital transformation from start to finish.

Ultimedia is the UK and Middle East’s #1 partner. With over 25 years of digital experience our team has delivered over 100 projects in 32 languages in the last 5 years. Contact us to start your journey to digital excellence today.

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