How to use Optimizely

How to use Optimizely

If your organisation has recently started a digital transformation onto the Optimizely platform, receiving the correct training and support on the platform is paramount to returning the desired positive ROI. 

Getting Started With The Optimizely Suite

Getting started with the implementation of the Optimizely suite can be seen as a daunting task at first. The most productive first step is to align your company’s needs with Optimizely products:

  • Are you looking for a new CMS / DXP?
  • Is your marketing team wanting to implement experimentation with Optimizely Experiments?
  • Does your digital strategy lack unique personalised experiences for all site users?
  • Has your company’s content marketing platform been outgrown, causing digital performance stagnation?
  • Is a seamless digital transformation to improve your company’s digital activity a main target for your organisation?
  • Are you looking to drive revenue by increasing your website’s visibility?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, reaching out to an Optimizely agency specialist is the ideal solution to ignite movement into the correct direction.

How To Use The SaaS Optimizely Platform

With Optimizely being a SaaS platform, all interfaces are accessed through the web and require no installation. Using a secure login area, the digital team is able to access the interface and get started right away. 

Working with an accredited partner will allow for high-tier training and sharing of knowledge to aid employees in getting the most out of the platform. Optimizely is renowned for its easy-to-use and quick-to-market solution. Returning an average ROI of 370% to the ambitious organisations that commit to the solution.

As a successful digital transformation requires more than just a new website platform, utilising Optimizely’s DXP to its full capabilities can allow marketing teams to revitalise their digital strategy

How To Use Optimizely Experimentation

With the Google Optimize Sunset around the corner, Optimizely has become a Google endorsed replacement for its current users. This is a great opportunity for an ambitious organisation to explore new options with experimentation and personalisation.

Identical to the rest of the DXP, Optimizely Experimentation is a SaaS that can be accessed through an online portal. The accessible technology allows organisations to experiment with both A/B testing and Multivariate testing to combat Conversion Rate Optimisation. Optimizely’s experimentation technology can also be integrated with websites that are not built on the Optimizely CMS, such as Sitecore or Umbraco.

The monthly Optimizely pricing subscription plan lets your organisation scale the product with your company’s growth, giving your organisation the benefit of flexibility and reassurance for the long term.

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Digging Deeper Into Knowing ‘How To Use Optimizely’

The digital experience technology is heavily praised by independent industry body, Gartner (read more about In Optimizely’s Gartner Magic Quadrant review) and is often referred to as ‘quick to market’ and ‘ easy to use’, making Optimizely (previously Episerver) a very desirable choice for fast-paced, highly ambitious businesses. However, when it comes to maximising investment,  the most effective way to achieve the best digital transformation results with Optimizely is by partnering with a solution specialist. 

When speaking to a registered Optimizely Partner such as Ultimedia, projects go through an early consultancy phase to discover the best fit solution and products for your organisation’s pain points. Avoiding the common pitfall of wasting budget and preventing unnecessary spending on features.

These early stages also allow for a live demonstration of the platform with cost comparisons to current solutions. Giving the opportunity to let key stakeholders see the capabilities and potential Optimizely has for an ambitious organisation’s digital performance. 

If your organisation is interested in learning more about the platform, reach out, we would be happy to help.

The Benefits Of An Accredited Partner

Optimizely is regularly acquiring and creating new products. Partnering with the appropriate agency for an effortless transition and support plan is most productive. Certified agencies (including Ultimedia) receive early access to the vendor’s new products and updates.

This helps our platform specialists gain a deeper knowledge of the tools before their release dates. Our team is able to dispense unmatched product knowledge at such an early stage.

Why Reach Out To Ultimedia

Ultimedia are the UK’s and Middle East’s #1 Optimizely partner. We have delivered over 100 successful projects in 16 languages across multiple sectors. Our team of Optimizely and digital marketing specialists have gained experience transforming brands and organisations using the platform and 20+ years of digital experience. 

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