Google Optimize Sunset

Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 products will be retired September 30, 2023. If you use Google Optimize you need a new platform for personalisation and experimentation.

Why Is Google Optimize Being Sunset?

With the launch of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Google has chosen to ‘explore third-party integrations’ for the future. Initially Google will look to experience technology leaders, Optimizely. This provides a great opportunity to ambitious organisations who can explore new opportunities for experimentation and personalisation.

Prepare For Life After Google Optimize

According to Gartner, Optimizely Experience is a world leader in experimentation and personalisation capabilities. Migrating to Optimizely ahead of the Google Optimize Sunset allows existing customers to keep their campaigns switched on without losing valuable time or data. 

Optimizely was a pioneer in the testing category over a decade ago. It powers over 1 billion digital experiences every day.

Get Ahead Of Competitors Before The Google Optimize Sunset

Ambitious organisations don’t need to slow down. Optimizely is ready to:

  • Deliver world-class web experimentation features.
  • Be implemented and replace Google Optimize with a single update.
  • Drive engagement and customer experiences with hyper-personalisation at ease.
  • Supercharge performance at speed with the world’s fastest experimentation platform.
  • Seamlessly integrate across Google products and more to help busy marketing teams to track, analyse and maximise results.
  • Provide existing Google Optimize customers with premium global support and expertise.
  • Provide marketers with easy to use tools to elevate and grow their experimentation efforts.

Learn more about how Google Optimize and Optimizely compare.

How To Save Money Before The Google Optimize Sunset

Google Optimize sunsetting on September 30, 2023 doesn’t need to cause disruption to your organisation. To help existing customers with a seamless transition we are offering up to a 25% discount for organisations that are interested in migrating to Optimizely
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