Optimizely Experiments

Drive CRO, ROI and customer knowledge with intelligent digital marketing Optimizely experiments.


Optimizely Experiments Benefits?


Experimentation is the most effective method to improve conversion rate optimisation. Trialling different CTA’s and hook lines allows your digital teams to keep their marketing strategy fresh and appealing.


Experimentation allows your organisations to gain a deeper understanding on what content your site users and content consumers respond the best to and increase both users’ time and value on site. Giving marketers the data to drive future marketing decisions.


Revitalise user journeys by tweaking different aspects of a single page with multivariate testing. Alternatively, your digital team can target one focal point with A/B testing to see the outcome and make changes with proof it will benefit the site and not hinder marketing results. 

Optimizely Experiments Experts

We are Ultimedia, the UK’s and Middle East’s first Optimizely Agency (formerly Episerver). With over 25 years of digital experience delivering ambitious and profitable projects across multiple sectors we are happy to help you find and implement your next experimentation software. Contact us or book a demo of Optimizley’s experimentation software below.

What is Experimentation marketing?

Experimentation marketing is a digital marketing strategy used to improve conversions.. 

The tactic includes A/B testing and Multivariate testing and empowers digital teams to understand which content their target audience responds the best to whether its text, visual content or calls to action..

Experimentation marketing is the number one strategy to boost conversion rates. Marketers can take advantage of slowly deploying strategic visual changes to a controlled percentage of users to enhance performance

What are Optimizely Experiments?

Optimizely SaaS Experiments are the benchmark of quality in the market and have led the way with experimentation for years. Following Episerver’s acquisition of Optimizely in 2021, the platform offers customers a state of the art DXP recognised by Gartner as a market leader. 

Optimizely provides the best of breed experimentation products to help ambitious organisations achieve a positive ROI and is accessible to both Optimizely suite users and companies on competing platforms. Reach out to an Optimizely partner to learn more.

What is A/B testing?

A/B tests also known as split tests are run by around 44% of organisations. A/B testing is an experimentation method where two different versions of content are shown to a split audience to determine the most impactful version. 

Optimizely A/B testing gives users the flexibility to test a range of components on a select percentage of site users. It is commonly used on CTAs, images, forms and landing pages.

What is Multivariate testing?

Multivariate testing allows marketing and development teams to run two or more variables at the same time, trialling different combinations with live site users. 

An efficient multivariate test can raise conversion rates up to 220%. Similar to A/B testing, this digital strategy is only efficient if your website has a large volume of monthly visitors.


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