Episerver Commerce B2B and B2C

Episerver Commerce B2C and B2B Cloud

Get sophisticated B2C Commerce and B2B Commerce solutions, hosted and managed in the Cloud, from the same supplier.

Episerver Commerce Cloud (B2C)

Episerver Commerce B2C Cloud (now Optimizely) is a collection of tools, designed to empower marketers to drive their ecommerce business successfully. A key advantage of Episerver Commerce Cloud is it’s flexibility to be used in a headless environment, meaning ecommerce content can be delivered however and wherever needed.

Benefits of Episerver Commerce Cloud (B2C)

The Episerver Commerce Cloud platform has been designed to help brands to create incredible shopping experiences at ease. Here’s an outline of its core capabilities.

World class content editing

Episerver is a longstanding leader in content management, now with the additional Optimizely features the B2C Commerce Cloud editing environment is unmatched. Marketers have access to a full suite of editing tools including catalogues, blocks and more.

Episerver Commerce Cloud is built with a powerful AI driven, product recommendations engine. This technology helps brands to cross or up-sell with ease through personalisation and automation features.

Personalised shopping flow and checkout management

Keeping customer experience at the forefront, these functions allow marketers to tailor their visitors’ experience down to the finest detail. The platform’s API makes taking care of everything from delivery address to payment methods effortless.

Broad reporting and administration facilities

Keep track of your performance with a versatile reporting hub and admin features that cover everything from search index updates, countries, currencies, payment gateways, customised menus and more.

Warehousing, returns and catalogues

Episerver makes key components of commerce effortless when implemented correctly. However you want to manage your portfolio, the technology is there to support your business. Users can set classifications as required and have the flexibility to link catalogues to PIMs, MDMs or DAMs.

Tailor your customer and marketing activity

Define and assign roles within the system to users and customers to determine, access, purchase limits and more. Create campaigns that associate discounts, specific orders or other segments seamlessly.

Automated stock and order management

Choose what’s best for your organisation, whether you are keen to get automated or want to keep your processes manual. Episerver Commerce Cloud can easily be integrated with internal systems and supports single and multi-shipment methods. However you want to manage your stock and orders, Commerce Cloud can align to your business’ needs.

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Episerver Commerce Cloud (B2B)

Episerver Commerce Cloud for B2B, now rebranded under Optimizely, is a SaaS Cloud based solution which can be implemented at speed. The B2B Commerce Cloud offering has been designed to deliver enterprise capabilities with some sections available out-of-the-box.

Episerver Commerce Cloud is a one stop shop for B2B digital commerce, its highly scalable, fairly priced and a recognised industry leader. Core capabilities include:

Detailed classifications

Episerver Commerce Cloud helps businesses get organised. Users can assign products, categories, websites and brands into a hierarchy.


Take advantage of the powerful inventory management system that can be managed separately or can incorporate the company ERP system. There’s a lot of opportunity in this feature, including real time pricing of products to product specific stock management.


Tailor experiences at a segment or granular level with a portfolio of personalisation tools, from recommendations for content, product and email using intelligent algorithms to create experiences that drive results.

Integrated PIM system

Episerver Commerce Cloud comes with an inbuilt Product Information Management system (PIM). Roles to support this feature include Admin, Manager, Merchandiser, Product Importer and Asset Manager. The PIM system comes with extensive capabilities, suitable for enterprise-level and large organisations.

Marketing suite

Create rich digital experiences with Episerver’s advanced experimentation tools and automated marketing features. This offering comes with everything a busy marketing team needs for monitoring and testing performance and campaign management.

Controlling pricing

Take control of how your display pricing either through a Price Matrix that uses custom rules or in Real-Time, directly connected to your company ERP system.

How can your business benefit from Episerver Commerce?

This is of course a summary of the platform’s capabilities. To learn how its features would benefit your business and help you achieve your specific goals, speak to one of our accredited experts.

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