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Content Marketing For Insurance Companies

Content marketing for insurance companies costs 62% less than other traditional marketing approaches and can drive three times more sales opportunities. For insurance companies, content marketing provides the perfect vehicle to build meaningful customer relationships, educate, drive revenue and build loyalty with existing customers. For savvy insurance marketers, content marketing will be on their radar and are most likely already reaping the benefits. Those who are overlooking the value of such a core aspect of digital marketing are risking falling behind their competitors and new entrants to the market.

Digital transformation in insurance is underpinned by content marketing and the benefits make adding it to your marketing arsenal a no brainer.

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9 ways content marketing for insurance companies should be used

1. Create educational content to reduce wasted call time

Phone conversations are highly valuable in the insurance sector with 62% of buyers stating that speaking to a representative on the phone was the most influential factor in their decision. Creating content that is optimised for FAQs and search queries that your target audience are already looking for on Google and other search engines is a great way to deliver a great customer experience. By providing relevant content to website visitors, insurance companies can position themselves as market leaders and a trusted brand. Informative content empowers website visitors to work out more specifically what it is they need to discuss with a support agent, making calls more valuable and likely to result in a revenue opportunity.

2. Optimise your content to help your audience find your company

There are over 918,000 global online searches monthly for just the term ‘insurance’ and 2.3 million searches for insurance related questions in the UK alone according to SEMrush data. If that’s not compelling enough, insurance related key phrases in America exceed 100 million monthly searches, signalling to insurance marketers that there is a huge audience trying to find information related to their companies, products and services. Content marketing should go hand in hand with SEO for insurance companies if your organisation is striving to boost brand visibility and drive high volumes of relevant traffic to your website.

3. Consistent content marketing is king

Posting consistently can help strengthen your insurance company’s brand awareness, credibility and bottom line! Technopedia uncovered that organisations that are consistent with their content are worth 20% more than those that fluctuate on their messaging.

It’s important to identify which days and times are best to post on your different content channels and then adopt a publishing schedule that will maximise reach and engagement. For example, the rate that you might need to post on social media platforms is likely to be higher than how many blog posts are published each week on your company website due to how each is used and operated.

4. Capitalise on different types of content

To get the most out of your content marketing, it’s important to give careful consideration to the type of content that you’re producing. This means having a clear view of what the aim of the content is, what channel it’s for and how your audience prefers to consume it.

Successful content marketing for insurance companies encompasses a range of content from text, images, video to audio in a variety of formats. Keeping updated with the latest digital marketing trends is key to making smart, effective content decisions. For example, video content has increased in popularity as smartphones became a ‘must-have’ device for most of the global population over the past 10 years, with almost 85% of the population owning a mobile. Video content was the most popular form of content created in 2022, which isn’t too surprising when considering the rise of social media platform, TikTok and similar adopted video features like reels in Instagram and Facebook.

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5. Personalisation

Content marketing generates leads and demand according to 67% of marketers. But content also can be leveraged to take advantage of the initial engagement and drive audiences to complete desired actions, such as make a phone call, complete a form or a download. Using personalisation technology as part of a content marketing strategy helps insurance companies to tailor content experiences that build closer, meaningful relationships with their customers. Enterprise-level website platforms like Optimizely (previously Episerver) have tools that allow marketers to easily generate personalised, relevant content experiences for custom audience segments or even individuals. Using personalisation across each touchpoint (i.e email, website, targeted social ads) boosts revenue opportunities, with 80% of consumers stating they’re more likely to make a purchase from a company that offers a tailored experience.

Consumers expect the organisations that they engage with to know them and to contact them with relevant information at a time that is best suited to them. Insurance companies that are customer centric simply cannot afford to overlook personalisation within their content marketing strategy.

6. Enhance the content experience with digital tools

Modern consumers are used to having a plethora of information, literally at their fingertips. Insurance companies that understand this mindset where customers want to self-serve will create content that helps to answer their questions. Taking this a step further than FAQ-driven articles or videos, insurance marketers have a great opportunity to innovate digitally and develop interactive content and tools to help their customers. Whether it’s a quote generator or calculator, this is a chance for customers to have an enhanced experience and for brands to gain insight to their customers’ or prospects’ needs, whilst standing out from their competitors.

7. Test, learn and earn

Like any effective marketing strategy, content performance can be measured and analysed to make informed marketing decisions to achieve the desired results. Implementing A/B testing or multivariate testing are effective ways to test which content best resonates with your target audience. This could be at page or component level, whether it’s tweaking a headline or image to identify which content option is most likely to convert or retain website visitors.

8. Control messaging – build trust

Content marketing for insurance companies is a powerful opportunity to control messaging. Building an engaged audience through blog posts, news updates, infographics and video gives insurance companies the space to influence brand perception.

Regular, useful updates across digital channels helps build trust which can benefit companies in terms of revenue opportunities and customer retention, but also gives them direct access to their audience in a time of crisis.

9. Long-term return on investment

Content marketing can be used in a variety of ways, but so often is overlooked because it’s deemed to take up too much resource. However, the benefits cannot be ignored and insurance companies that fail to adopt content marketing in their broader digital strategy risk falling behind those that do.

Content marketing is an effective long-term strategy, by creating content that has long-term relevance to your audience means legacy content can continue to attract, engage and retain customers for years to come without any additional significant costs. Keeping your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds.

Getting started with content marketing for your insurance company

The first step in implementing great content marketing for insurance companies is carrying out an audit of existing content and it’s performance. Creating a sophisticated strategy can seem like a daunting task if you don’t have the inhouse tools or expertise, working with an expertised digital marketing partner can be an excellent way to realistically achieve your goals.

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