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Contentful is an API-focused ‘composable content platform’ (headless CMS) that helps evolve businesses’ content marketing quality. The perfect step for smaller companies that are looking to evolve from platforms such as WordPress. The technology is a lower priced entry point to give digital teams an experience of the capabilities a more ambitious content platform offers.

Optimizely is a whole suite of tools that help enterprise-level organisations unlock their digital potential with a focus on positive ROI.


Similar to the Siteimprove + Optimizely’s partnership that refines SEO levels of live and draft content. Contentful and Optimizely have created a partnership that gives Contentful customers a taste of Optimizely’s world-famous and market-leading experimentation capabilities with their CMS.


  • A/B testing: Also known as split testing, this product allows for the accurate experimentation of two variables against a chosen percentage of website traffic.
  • Multivariate testing: Similar to A/B testing but on a different scale. This tool gives customers the ability to run multiple versions and record the influence of on-site user journeys.


  • Developer-free experimentation: Marketers can now control and record their own experimentation all in one interface. With no need to add to developers’ workload.
  • Reduces manual work: The Optimizely app makes it easy and automated for digital teams to set up both forms of experimentation.

Accessible to Optimizely full stack customers via the REST API. Optimizely created the integration to make marketing teams continuously experiment with all future strategies and website deployments. 94% of companies are actively investing in experimentation due to it being the number one method to increase click-through rates.

Organisations failing to incorporate experimentation can miss out on efficiently driving digital marketing results and gaining a deeper understanding of their customers.


Both Contentful and Optimizely are both very capable technologies that have a different target audience.


Contentful relies on third party products to be connected with an API to get the most out of the platform. This has its positives and negatives.


  • Contentful is a good option for businesses to spread out spend and gradually improve their CMS on restricted budgets.
  • A content focused solution, a good choice for smaller businesses that rely on search engines for leads and conversion.
  • A natural progression from the likes of WordPress.


  • Each API key integrated adds a weakened area for a potential security breach.
  • Hidden extra costs. Potential further development and subscription costs to add, maintain and change APIs.
  • The more plugins and APIs, the slower the site. Potential affecting domain authority and SEO quality.
  • No personalised user experience. 91% of site users have an increased chance of conversion with the use of personalisation.
  • No out of the box experimentation. Efficient A/B testing can lead to a revenue increase of up to 50% per site user.


Optimizely customers gain access to a suite of products that over 9000 businesses use daily to unlock their digital potential.


  • A one-stop-shop solution that gives customers the ability to run multiple successful marketing campaigns.
  • Market-leading personalisation that no other platform can match at the same price point.
  • Agile, robust and fast. With the limited need for third-party products, there is no restriction on performance from a high number of plugins.
  • A long list of custom-made API keys for big-name products such as Google Analytics. With the custom-made keys security is higher on each one and with the need for fewer integrations there are less potential security breach points.

These are just a few benefits. Depending on the type of solution your organisation invests in can alter what unique benefits come your way including CMS, B2B and B2C E-commerce site or a full DXP, all come with their own tailored benefits. The best way to learn more about this is to speak with a platform specialist.


  • A steeper price then a platform like Contentful. But when compared to technologies with similar capabilities such as Adobe, Optimizely comes in at a more attractive price point and is much easier to learn and use efficiently. The price will also allow for a quicker ROI.
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In January 2021 Episerver, the robust CMS platform that had made its name in northern Europe acquired the world-famous experimentation technology Optimizely and rebranded from Episerver to Optimizely.

With roots in CMS, Optimizely’s DXP suite is a more ambitious alternative for organisations that are on competing platforms and looking at natural evolution from a system like Umbraco, and a fairer priced solution than Sitecore that can take digital results to the next level and achieve a positive ROI rapidly.


Reach out to us we would love to help – Ultimedia is an Optimizely (formerly Episerver) specialist agency for ambitious organisations.

We work solely with the platform giving our team a level of knowledge that is hard to match. Alongside this our 25 plus years of experience in digital strategy, engineering and expertise around the globe means that no project is too big or niche for us to deliver excellence.

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