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Why Optimizely?

Optimizely (Formerly Episerver) is a market-leading digital solution built for organisations looking to unlock their digital potential. Optimizely is an accessible technology that can benefit multiple teams within your organisation. The Optimizely Suite covers everything from development to content marketing with tools such as: 

Trusted by over 9000 organisations, Optimizely is a fair priced option when comparing the capabilities to competing platforms. A common frustration with similar platforms is that organisations find they’re unable to reach their digital ambitions despite the hefty financial investment. Optimizely solutions often come in at a more attractive price point and can be a one stop shop for brands and deliver tailor made customer experiences.

Other platforms are capable of accomplishing similar targets but tend to rely on organisations spending more budget on accessing analytics, feature flagging and other technologies that the typical CMS wouldn’t have available for their customers. Optimizely is continuously growing and acquiring relevant brands that bolster the Optimizely Products available for their customers

Optimizely’s acquisitions such as Welcome allows customers to elevate their digital marketing strategy for the best ROI. The Welcome technology isn’t limited to Optimizely platform users only and is integratable with most major CMS platforms including, Sitecore and WordPress, alongside social media accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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Optimizely DXP

Optimizely evolved the Episerver CMS into the Digital Experience Platform. The CMS is still a quintessential aspect of the suite but is not the limitation of the brand Optimizely. The DXP elevates your organisation’s customer experience whilst strengthening the relationship with intelligence tools that provide hyper-personalised content based on the users data.

Optimizely is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Annually, Gartner creates a report of the best DXPs available for organisations. Optimizely has continued to be awarded the, ‘Leader’ ranking and been named in the top technologies globally on the quadrant for three years in a row whilst progressing higher each year. The capabilities of the DXP are constantly expanding with new updates and compatibility to third party softwares such as Google Analytics.

Organisations are able to seamlessly migrate from their current platform to Optimizely with the free automated migration tool to make sure all content and data is safely and efficiently transported to the new system. This gives businesses security in the idea of digital transformation as there is no fear of losing or corrupting content that has been devoted valuable time to achieve the rankings and visibility it has.

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Why Optimizely customers partner with an accredited agency

Changing your organisation’s website platform can be seen as an extremely daunting task. But with the correct support the transition can effortlessly become the kickstarter of a successful digital transformation. Achieve the ambitions and digital potential that your organisation is ignoring by getting support from an accredited Optimizely partner.   
With over 25 years of experience, the knowledge Ultimedia brings is unmatched for value If you are interested in any of the products mentioned, want to learn more or to find out how to make the first steps in joining over 9000 Optimizely customers in creating meaningful and profitable digital experiences, contact us – we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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