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What is Optimizely Welcome?

‘Optimizely Welcome’ (now known as Optimizely Content Marketing Platform) was formed from Optimizely’s acquisition of the ‘Welcome’ brand and software. Originally going by the name of ‘Optimizely Welcome’, the platform has continued to evolve at a rapid pace parallel to the rest of the suite. The renaming came in early 2023, describing exactly what the product offers, whilst maintaining the high quality that ‘Welcome’ was renowned for.

The CMP was named a market leader by Gartner for the sixth consecutive year in January 2023. The Optimizely Gartner Magic Quadrant results highlights the capabilities, and potential that working with the right platform can have on your organisation’s digital marketing.

The CMP can be used by more then just Optimizely customers. The two target audiences for the platform are:

  • Those already on the Optimizely CMS. Customers are able to seamlessly plug the software into their existing solution. Adding a high calibre content platform like Optimizely to your arsenal can turbo efficiently and result when used properly.

Organisations on ageing, old or less ambitious platforms are able to integrate a top tier tool to help and get more out of an underperforming investment. This fix isn’t necessarily a long term fix, but provides an injection of increased capabilities and seamlessness to those on platforms such as WordPress, Sitecore, Umbraco and more.

What Are The Platform Benefits?

When coupling the product with a quality CMS (such as Optimizely), marketing teams are able to ramp up and take complete control of all content marketing aspects from start to finish. The difference between working with a CMS alone is the need to often jump in and out of logins, manage assets, publish on social channels, access your content calendar, keyword research and more. Replacing multiple different softwares and platforms that the most savvy marketers use to manage and maintain the above features. Reducing it all into one platform with one singular subscription price makes it easier to manage both the workload and finances.

Ideate From The Beginning

Conduct keyword research and utilise generative Optimizely AI to get a head start when beginning articles, paragraphs and social posts all in one easy to use interface. 

After each use, the technology’s machine learning program takes on feedback that the content creator supplies when reviewing the supplied options. Refining the product into a totally unique assistant for your brand.

Simplistic And Efficient Content Creation

A straightforward and effective creation area lets employees write, maintain and update content that is both in the draft stage or live. With no assistance needed from a developer to create engaging content, marketing teams are able to take control of their output levels and start working towards driving visibility online.

Use Google To Your Advantage With Optimisation

Marking up content properly gives organisations an increased chance of achieving rich snippets and knowledge panels. Having the ability to apply the correct schema without the need of a developer is a huge saver on both time and money. This is something that the majority of content teams do not consider or have a good understanding of, leading to ignoring its capabilities.

Edit On The Go

When visiting the site as a logged in user, you are able to edit any page that you land on whilst browsing (with the correct permission). Making it easy to fix missed errors that you have picked up upon a revisit. This also opens up the opportunity to add further relevant links as your content hub grows. Keeping all content weaved together This is also valuable when considering time sensitive articles that can often get forgotten about. 

Target All Channels From One Area

Welcome can connect to both your site and social channels in one platform. Teams can publish linking content onto the site and social channels without the need of logging in or loading up a different channel.

Utilise All Departments With Tiered access levels

Distributing relevant capabilities to different accounts allows the marketing team to involve other departments and easily contribute to the content output. Helping prevent the slipping of brand guidelines and optimisation (as employees outside of marketing may not be well versed).

This feature can be used to its best abilities when working closely with different departments. Increasing contribution to brand journalism and preventing any miss clicks deploying unoptimised or unproofed content.

How Pricing Works

As the platform is staggered at 4 different pricing tiers with capabilities to match. The software can be used by small marketing teams for a very low cost all the way up to enterprise organisations with the need for over 30 different accounts. 

The different subscription prices prevents organisations from being trapped in a contract that costs them more than necessary. As Optimizely prides itself on both the ability to scale with your organisation and the pride of achieving a positive ROI on your investment, this pricing set up enables that with the highest possibility.

There are four tiers:

  • Start 
  • Manage 
  • Create 
  • Orchestrate 

How To Get Started With Optimizely Welcome

Reaching out to an accredited Optimizely Partner is the effective way to learn more about the CMP and the whole suite in general. If you are keen to learn more contact us – we would love to help. Ultimedia is proudly the UK’s and Middle East’s #1 Optimizely Partner. In the last 5 years we have delivered over 100 projects in 32 different languages.

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