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Optimizely CMS: Maximise Your Website’s Potential

Optimising your website’s content management system (CMS) is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Whatever your organisation’s digital goal is, Optimizely CMS has the power to elevate your digital marketing performance and deliver sophisticated online experiences. 

What is Optimizely CMS?

Optimizely CMS, formally known a Episerver CMS, is a content management system designed to ease website management, content creation, and personalisation. As a cutting-edge Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Optimizely also offers an array of powerful tools and functionalities that enable businesses to craft exceptional digital experiences tailored to their target audience, ultimately transforming the customer journey.

Content Creation Management and Personalised Customer Experience

Optimizely CMS provides a user-friendly interface that organisations can easily access and content creators can publish, modify and organise content. With the WYSIWYG function and multiple editor access, busy marketing teams can create and publish content quickly without extensive technical expertise. The CMS simplifies the content lifecycle, enabling efficient collaboration, version control, and seamless content updates. It has never been easier to create an engaging user-friendly web page.

Optimizely CMS is the ideal tool for customer-centric organisations as it excels in delivering personalised customer experiences. The platform offers robust personalisation capabilities, allowing businesses to target specific audiences, tailor content, and optimise every stage of the customer journey. By leveraging visitor data and behaviour, businesses can create dynamic and customised experiences that increase engagement, conversions, and overall brand loyalty.

Digital Asset Management

Another benefit of using Optimizely CMS is the digital asset management (DAM) feature. Organisations benefit from a centralisation of rich media assets and a simplified way to store and retrieve digital files. The DAM helps to save time by creating a streamline system allowing for internal and external collaboration. It has never been easier to stay organised and ensure brand consistency across channels.

Seamless Integration and SEO capabilities

Optimizely have created a seamless integration with several third-party tools. Organisations can continue their day-to-day business operations uninterrupted. Integrations include tools such as Microsoft Teams, YouTube and FullContact. Optimizely CMS ensures businesses can leverage their existing infrastructure while expanding their digital reach. 

Optimizely CMS is designed with SEO in mind. Features include being user-friendly, quick and responsive by design, having metadata capabilities and SEO-friendly URLs. If the inbuilt SEO facilities are not enough, Optimizely has also integrated some of the most popular analytic platforms such as Google Analytics, Content King and SiteImprove. 

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Optimizely CMS integrates with advanced analytical tools to track customer-specific data. Businesses are given actionable insights into website performance, user behaviour, and conversion metrics. The data covers all the touchpoints of the customer which empowers businesses to identify trends and optimise strategies.

Website Optimisation and Testing

A further benefit to Optimizely is you can tailor the product suite to suit your organisation’s needs. In addition to the CMS, optimizely offer experimental features including A/B testing and multivariate which facilitates specific website optimisation

Optimizely CMS Experts

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