Optimizely Google Analytics

Optimizely Google Analytics

Optimizely users are able to utilise both Google Analytics and Optimizely Analytics to obtain deeper insights than just one tool alone would harbour. When working with analytics focused technology, organisations are able to make data driven decisions for future digital marketing operations.

Ambitious marketers should always be open to criticism. Harmonised analytics allows for digital teams to gain a deeper understanding of their site’s users and find out what is causing people to achieve relevant goals.

Optimizely Google Analytics integration

Like many other big name digital softwares, Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics (Expiring in July 2023) both feature in Optimizely’s integration list. 

Analysing statistics from multiple softwares allows for further clarity and can make digital teams’ jobs more efficient. Learning how your organisation’s website is performing in the previous five minutes or comparing current statistics to the previous year’s data are just the tip of the iceberg on how refined your digital team can get with Google Analytics.

Tools like GA can help marketing teams locate potential website issues, track user journeys and view their website from the users perspective.

Optimizely Google Analytics 4

If your organisation is currently only running Google Universal Analytics your digital team is losing out on comparative data in one interface. UA is set to expire in July 2023, in which the successor Google Analytics 4 will take the limelight. 

If your website is currently without GA4, your digital teams are missing out on:

  • Adjustment time where users can have a safety net in UA, whilst getting familiar with the new GA4 interface
  • The ability to compare results all within one interface. The user will have to have both portals open to do so.
  • Security in data analytics when UA stops working, this can cause a panic to rush the implementation and training.
  • Confidence in data that key stakeholders see to prevent unwanted conversations
Google Analytics 4 upgrade_Ultimedia

Getting a Google Analytics health check allows for an expert to search for errors that your digital team may not be aware of as seen in our ‘Google Analytics 4 upgrade and health check’ article.

Optimizely Google Analytics Alternatives

Optimizely prides itself on helping customers achieve a positive ROI. A big part of this is the use of analytics across a number of their tools and products. 

Optimizely has a long and growing list of apps and integrations that have tailor made APIs to make the connection seamless. Some of the names include but are not limited to:

  • FullStory’s digital experience analytics platform 
  • 6sense
  • Quantum Metric 
  • Etracker
  • Live Monitor
  • Demandbase

The purpose of this software is not to replace Google Analytics but to accompany the program and boost your digital marketing decisions and future planning with pin point accurate analytics.

Optimizely Google Analytic is just the start

If your organisation is looking to improve its digital results unfortunately integrating or upgrading go GA4 alone won’t do this. Ask us about a Digital MOT to find out how your website performs against its competitors and to gain actionable insights to help elevate digital performance.

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