Optimizely One

Optimizely One

Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, recently held Opticon 2023 in San Diego, where they have revealed the pioneering marketing operating system: Optimizely One. A groundbreaking solution that delivers unparalleled levels of adaptability, ease of use, and authority through a unified AI-driven process that drives each part of the marketing journey.

What Is Optimizely One?

Optimizely One stands as a revolutionary marketing operating system crafted by Optimizely. An all-encompassing solution designed specifically for marketing. It provides dynamic marketing teams with the adaptability to tailor a system that suits their unique needs, all wrapped in the elegance of an intuitive, fully integrated suite. This new technology revolutionises marketing operations, offering unparalleled transparency, unmatched speed, and profound insights to drive your content, experimentation, and commerce objectives.

This transformative tool enables marketers to elevate their strategies in the competitive digital marketing landscape, streamlining content management and ensuring well-optimised and captivating content to create digital experiences that customers will love.

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How is it different from your current CMS?

Optimizely One is revolutionary. Before now marketers have been used to working with basic CMS capabilities such as creating, publishing and storing content and if they wanted to conduct experiments they would have to go elsewhere. Organisations have had to choose between having a DXP that is complex and customisable with the help of developers, or a system that is marketer friendly which can create overhead costs and fragmented workflows.

Now Optimizely have developed a platform which boasts a highly adaptable architecture offering both flexibility and simplicity. The new system is fully SaaS based and provides complete decoupling and exceptional composability. This grants teams the ability to craft and customise their stack to align with their specific preferences and create the best marketing ecosystem for their organisation.

The features include:

  • SaaS based CMS: It is easier than ever to create online experiences with interfaces that require little to no code. Benefits also include automatic upgrades, SLA’s and managed services.
  • Optimizely Graph: Collect content from anywhere, manage it in on place and distribute it to any channel.
  • Optimizely Visual Builder: Generate and preview captivating experiences through pre-built templates and a new, intuitive editor.
  • Integrated platform: Create a unified workflow from planning to creation to analysis all in one place.
  • Experimentation collaboration:  Get the most out of your experimentation software with this unified tool.
  • Omnichannel Authoring: Create content once and deliver it to all your customers on any channel using multiple content types and formats. 

What really sets it apart is AI being seamlessly integrated at every phase, bringing significant advantages. When it comes to content creation, AI plays a pivotal role in generating, optimising, and personalising content, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the process. AI capabilities include:

  • Opal AI: Uncover insights, explore suggestions, develop fresh content, and get immediate access to your very own helpful guide when you require assistance. 
  • Writer AI:  Creating content has just become a whole lot easier with the help of AI created with industry-specific language learning models (LLMs) to generate content enriched with precise industry knowledge.

How does it work?

One of the many strengths is its architecture. The system is made up of a structured approach with multiple stages that guide users through the content lifecycle. The stages include:


Streamline the request submission process, automatically assign each request using predefined logic through intelligent routing rules.Centralise all requests in a shared dashboard within request queues, allowing teams to collectively prioritise and oversee them.


  • Unite your entire team around a common strategy. 
  • Visual calendars guarantee that everyone is up to date, strategic summaries allow every team member to collectively synchronise on crucial goals.
  • Campaign environments establish order and structure, aiding teams in monitoring progress.


  • Generate and cooperate on content collectively. 
  • Adaptable processes enable teams to work together ensuring consistency and efficiency. 
  • The AI-powered content generator can initiate content brainstorming and create original content, including both images and text, effortlessly with a simple click.


  • Effectively handle and sustain assets for future use. 
  • Utilise AI-powered tagging that employs machine-learning algorithms to automatically assign tags, enhancing organisation and simplifying the process of finding and reusing assets. 
  • Brand portals also allow quick and easy distribution of assets internally or externally via inks.


  • Translate content into over 350+ supported languages. 
  • Content history records the evolution of each content piece for reference to specific points in its development. 
  • Asset lineage assists global teams in monitoring the repurposing of assets for campaigns or activities in different markets 
  • Expand your market reach globally with multi-region support, language options, and websites, accessing over 200 payment gateways.


  • Easily structure your content and experiments according to your preferences.
  • Directly edit a page in real time.
  • Create forms with ease without the need for coding.


  • A centralised platform to create content and publish it to any channel at any time.
  • Easily integrate with third party solutions to ease the publishing process.
  • Optimizely Graph explores and retrieves content for publishing through various channels.


  • Create very specific audience segmentations for personalisation with Rule-based targeting.
  • Segment customers in real time to create ultimate optimisation.
  • Provide a relevant user experience with predictive recommendations.


  • Use the audience builder to experiment without the need for extensive coding.
  • Speed up the experimentation process and reach statistical significance quicker with multi-arm bandits and stats accelerator.
  • Roll out tests from one centralised hub to all channels and apps.


  • Harness customer data with unified customer profiles. 
  • AI suggests topics that are most relevant to your website visitors to stay competitive
  • Simplistic dashboards centralise and visualise your most important analytics.

What are the benefits for your organisation?

Optimizely One is positioned to revolutionise the marketing landscape. It streamlines content management, providing marketers with data-based insights and the ability to make instant adjustments. Utilising this enables enterprises to maintain a competitive edge in a constantly evolving market, guaranteeing that content is not only captivating but also efficiently optimised to reach marketing objectives.

Optimizely One Benefits Include:

  • Super speedy content creation and organisation with Optimizely AI features .
  • A powerful, unified platform to streamline operational efficiency to keep on track to achieve business goals.

Optimizely One is a system built for your organisation. Content holds paramount importance and this new operating system stands as the ultimate solution for content generation, organisation, and enhancement. It is an essential tool for any marketers looking to elevate their strategies.

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