How much does Optimizely cost

How much does Episerver cost?

If you’re considering your options for a new Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for your organisation then Episerver (now Optimizely) is a worthwhile investment. After experiencing an Episerver demo the most common question asked is: ‘How much does Episerver cost?’

The DXP has gone through some significant growth and development over the years, including the acquisition and rebranding to Optimizely. Due to this expansion and increased product offering, the Episerver pricing model has made some adjustments to match these standards.

Episerver costs and benefits

Customers can take advantage of Episerver’s comprehensive product portfolio and benefit from the agility to scale their digital infrastructure as their business grows. Episerver pricing is reflective of the return for every £1 invested and it’s competitive compared to other platforms that need more of your budget.

Episerver and Optimizely combining forces, gives organisations the power to accelerate and thrive in the digital experience arena, through experimentation features such as Optimizely A/B testing and intelligent personalisation across all devices.

Episerver can provide your organisation with all the tools to implement a sophisticated customer-centric digital strategy.

What influences how much Episerver costs?

All businesses come with their own unique way of doing things, their own challenges and aims. The technology that your organisation requires is customizable across these models:

  • Content Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Intelligence Cloud
  • Optimizely Optimization & Experimentation
  • Optimizely Data Platform
  • Advanced Search and Navigation
  • Marketing Automation Platform

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How to calculate how much Episerver will cost your organisation

As your organisation will have its own unique goals and requirements, the next step to finding out how much Episerver costs for your business is to get a bespoke quote from an Episerver Partner.

The benefits of working with an accredited implementation partner is that your business will get access to experienced, qualified Episerver developers, strategists and marketers who know how to get the best value from the platform.

We are Ultimedia, the first UK Episerver / Optimizely Partner and our experience is unmatched. We have been helping enterprise-level businesses unlock their digital potential using the platform since 1995, working across sectors and the globe. Take a look at our case studies to learn more or contact us to discuss your requirements with an expert – we’d love to help.

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