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Take advantage of all the tools that come out of the box. Episerver, now known as Optimizely, includes features such as its Content API to help increase organisations’ ROI. There’s a plethora of information to know about Episerver Integrations. To help organisations learn if Episerver is right for their needs, we explore the benefits of the powerful technology development and marketing teams. Learn more about Episerver Content API and its capabilities.

What is the Episerver Content API?

Application Programming Interface, also referred to as an API, is the software offering the connection between computers and computer programs, taking the command to the system and back with a response. 56% of developers report APIs help the development of better products.

The Episever Content Delivery API can be configured for client specific requests. Changing from a traditional system into a hybrid Episerver CMS has allowed users to work with the headless features:

  • Deliver IContent
  • Use Search and Navigation to query content
  • Support localised content and multi-site scenarios.
  • Support common querying, filtering, and sorting scenarios.
  • Support returning access-controlled and personalised content.

Episerver, Headless and Traditional CMS

Episerver is a very flexible and agile DXP with its roots in content management and originally a traditional non-headless system. The Episerver Content API creates a powerful hybrid, by taking on board the headless features but also keeping access to the system that worked so well but evolved to match the innovative nature of the platform.

You can write traditional C# Razor helper oriented front ends or you can use Episerver in a headless way. The Content Delivery API is one of the eight APIs which make up the REST APIs data access for all Optimizely products. Accessing your content as JSON, communicating via HTTP requests, performing the task of creating, reading, updating and deleting data. Alongside this you can write C# Razor helpers to render blocks, content and pages.

Why should your organisations use a headless approach?

  • To provide content for native apps which are not HTML-based
  • To integrate with a POS network, linking different systems
  • Managing content for legacy platforms
  • Managing content for third party platforms

Episerver Content API implementation

Many Episerver solutions come out of the box with the latest version of Episerver Content API meaning that from day one your organisation can start to benefit from the software.

An example of how the software can be used is to navigate the structure of a system including the use of filters to narrow down the search time. With the ability to access things such as:

  • Manage content, blocks and pages within a site and all the associated properties
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Manage multiple languages and extract information or update them
  • Produce stats for reports
  • Implement and manage Azure AD across the content
  • Trap any content delivery errors and report on them

Episerver Content API allows for users to leverage customisation. The flexibility of Episerver means that it can easily be integrated with any system, sector-wide. For example, Episerver Commerce customers benefit from integrations across:

  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Delivery Schedules

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Benefits of Content APIs

The main advantage of the Optimizely Content delivery API is that it provides a very simple means of accessing a multitude of data held within an Optimizely / Episerver DXP traditional website or an Ecommerce solution. Episerver Content API is accessible out of the box with all Epsiever solutions, it allows for development teams to navigate up and down the site’s structure, getting hold of wanted content/data. During the navigation stage you are able to filter for required information specific to what is wanted, reducing time spent searching streamlining to the the solution of the query.

Just like all Episerver products, the Content Delivery API is very accessible and developer friendly, it doesn’t require a learning period to understand how it functions and should allow the user to be efficient with it from day one.

Using the Content API can help formulate content publication plans by creating a priority ordered list of what needs to be fixed, changed, improved or created, for example seeing if a page regularly reverts to its fall back language when working with multilingual sites.

91% of organisations had an API security incident in 2020, Optimizely has applied several measures to make all applications secure, For customer peace of mind with security measures adhering to.

  • ISO 27001
  • Privacy Shield
  • GDPR
  • Secure Development Lifecycle (ITIL, NIST, OWASP)
  • Azure compliance (ISO, SOC II, NIST, PCI, Fed Ramp)

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The benefits of being an Episerver customer go beyond Content API. Products available include:

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