What is Episerver?

Investing in the right Content Management System (CMS) or Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for your organisation is key to ROI. Let’s be honest, no busy marketing team wants to be wasting their time or resources on navigating an overly complicated interface that doesn’t deliver the desired results. Episerver, now rebranded as Optimizely has been a favourite with enterprise-level businesses for many reasons, but notably the platform’s easy-to-use interface and powerful tools are what have made it a winning choice.

What is Episerver and what can it do?

Episerver is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses to create website content and online experiences. It’s a .NET platform, which means it’s built using trusted Microsoft technology, making it highly secure and well-supported. Episerver continues to be one of the biggest enterprise-level platforms on the market and is recognised as an industry leader in these fields. Since 2015 Gartner has recognised Episerver as a leader and challenger in the digital arena and it’s no surprise when you consider the capabilities and benefits of the software.

Episerver customers can take advantage of a whole suite of tools to implement their marketing activity and achieve brilliant results after their website has been built professionally. The great thing about this DXP is that once your Episerver Partner has designed, built and launched your website using best practices, the interface is then incredibly flexible and easy for content editors and developers to work with. Editors don’t need to be technical experts to create or publish and can take advantage of the simple drag and drop feature, making content creation a smooth and painless operation.

Another benefit of choosing Episerver is the integration opportunities. Whether your brand is keen to enhance your performance through marketing automation, ecommerce , analytics or social media activity, Episerver can support your marketing goals. The acquisition (and then rebrand) of Optimizely has only improved its ability to supercharge your organisation’s marketing efforts. With additional experimental and optimisation technology, customers can truly unlock their digital potential and elevate their user experience to new levels. Episerver uses cloud technology, Microsoft Azure to allow websites to scale when traffic spikes, allowing brands to keep their customer experience at the forefront of their marketing no matter what changes.

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Is Episerver secure?

Episerver is a .NET platform, which means it’s not open-source, making it difficult to hack. Episerver has always been a customer-centric company and security plays a key role in that. Being a mature platform, the Episerver community is well-versed in support and solutions for any problems that might arise. In addition to this established network of professionals, Episerver frequently releases updates for performance fixes, this has continued through the acquisition of Optimizely, providing updates as often as weekly to ensure its customers benefit from a highly secure product.

There are several tactics that experienced, accredited Episerver developers will be able to implement into your brand’s website to ensure robust security, such as HTTPS, secure cookies and changes to the source code like, JavaScript code obfuscation and server-side input validation.

What does Optimizely offer organisations?

Episerver’s strategic rebrand is defining the future of the DXP market. Episerver, now known as Optimizely is known for its heritage as a customer-centric digital experience platform and now as an experimentation leader.

Optimizely boasts a data-driven approach to its customers through On-Demand Services (ODS):

  • Optimization-as-a-Service
  • Content-as-a-Service

Optimizely’s core product offerings include:

These powerful capabilities enable organisations to create engaging experiences all in one place that boost revenue and help build more meaningful relationships with customers. Optimizely is trusted by over 9,000 well-known brands globally, including ebay, Dolby, Pizza Hut and the NHS. So, you’d be in great company!


How can your organisation benefit from Optimizely?

Optimizely can provide your organisation with all the tools to implement a sophisticated customer-centric digital strategy. To find out more about Optimizely pricing or how it can align with your business goals contact us today on 0161 260 1500.

We are Ultimedia, the first UK Episerver Partner. Our team are well-versed in getting the most out of the platform to get the best results. We’re a team of designers, developers and digital marketers that specialise in the Optimizely platform and have been helping enterprise-level businesses unlock their digital potential since 1995. Take a look at our case studies to learn more.

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