Episerver Integrations

Connect your digital ecosystem with ease and flexibility.


Take advantage of Episerver integrations

Episerver integrations allow organisations to seamlessly connect additional systems or services into their Episerver (Optimizely) platform. Providing one place to view and manage their whole digital ecosystem.

There are many Episerver integrations available out of the box, offering a wide range of product options from marketing automation to analytics and customer intelligence.

Out of the box Episerver Integrations

For speedy deployment and great value, Episerver DXC comes with the following options ready to go out of the box:

  • Analytics & customer intelligence
  • Animation, VR and Voice
  • Chat, reviews & Loyalty
  • Content & Media
  • MAM and MRM
  • Email Integration
  • ERP, CRM and iPaaS
  • Language & translation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Payments, fraud and tax
  • PIM, OMS and channels
  • Punchout
  • SEO, reliability and accessibility
  • Site management and utilities
  • Templates and blocks

Episerver (Optimizely) has a rich set of APIs available across the full product range, meaning that literally any integration can be written given the receiving system has a valid API. For organisations that have extensive digital ecosystems or big growth ambitions, Episerver integrations have the power and flexibility to enable and elevate a brand’s digital transformation.

5 benefits of using Episerver integrations

Great customer experience

Take advantage of having all of your organisation’s channels and systems working together in one place to deliver meaningful and seamless experiences, whenever and however your audience engages with your brand.

Better profiling and segmentation

Gain a harmonised view of your customers to tailor user journeys to boost engagement and conversions. Leverage the Episerver Customer Data Platform to form better segmentation and profiling of customers to generate profitable results.

Boost productivity

32% of sales teams spend over an hour daily on admin. Episerver integrations can reduce this significantly. Teams can manage everything in one place and take advantage of automation features, giving them more time to spend on other tasks to drive the business forward.

Reliable data

The quality of an organisation’s data is critical for data-informed organisations. Episerver combines multiple data points to offer information that is more consistent and reliable to help organisations make better informed decisions.

Get a better ROI

Organisations that collect information across each touchpoint and channel can leverage their data to make better  strategic decisions and highlight more opportunities to boost sales. The single view gained from integrations helps businesses to improve productivity, effectiveness and ROI.

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