Episerver NuGet Overview

Episerver NuGet is the globally recognised package management repository which delivers the Episerver solutions. It provides the Microsoft development mechanism for .NET (and .NET Core). Episerver NuGet benefits developers in the creating, sharing and consuming of useful code; these are often bundled together for ease into ‘packages’. For Episerver NuGet users there are currently 236 code packages available for download.

How does the Episerver NuGet collaboration benefit projects?

Managing dependencies

Using Episerver NuGet gives development teams access to easily build on existing code from previously created and shared packages. Using a package management system like NuGet makes Episerver project delivery more effective, and with the benefit of a quick go-to-market time. NuGet does a lot of heavy lifting for Episerver developers in managing the ‘dependency tree’ as shown below. The dependency tree manages all dependent code which is required to execute a package.

Where there are widely used packages, one package (in the image above ‘B’) might occur multiple times for different consumers and/ or as different versions. Rather than manually solving which version satisfies all consumers, Episerver NuGet does this for you.

Tracking references and restoring

It’s inevitable that projects will move between computers, build servers and repositories. Binding binary assemblies of packages directly to a project is impractical and causes other issues such as wasting space in source control repositories. The application of Episerver NuGet makes it easier to update package binaries by maintaining a reference list of the packages projects require. This allows developers to work more seamlessly and efficiently when needing to install, restore or upgrade packages without the concern of maintaining a reference list.

Episerver NuGet Tools

Developers using Episerver NuGet benefit from a selection of tools to help create, publish and consume packages. Some of these include:

    • dotnet CLI: Use across all platforms and allows you to install, uninstall and update NuGet packages in solutions with ease.
    • nuget.exe.CLI: Designed for .NET Framework libraries and non-SDK type projects that target standard .NET libraries. Applicable to creation and consumption scenarios and can be adopted across all platforms.
    • MSBuild: Gain the opportunity to create and restore packages used in a project directly via the tool chain.

Most popular Episerver NuGet packages

Episerver / Optimizely utlilises NuGet heavily and packages are regularly updated with new versions which can be found here. The most popular packages include:

  • Episerver.Framework
  • Episerver.CMS.Core
  • Episerver.CMS

Episerver NuGet provides further capabilities to improve the efficiency of process and development projects, including optimisations that occur in the background, such as caching of packages and a global packages folder that drastically improves the efficiency of installation and reinstallation.

In addition to this NuGet users benefit from a lot of maintenance across specification and how packages are structured. This covers localisation, referencing and debug symbols.

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