Episerver Docker

Episerver Docker, also known as Docker, is a wrap-up virtual machine to create self-contained development environments.

What is Episerver Docker?

Episerver Docker is a containerisation platform that wraps Episerver CMS applications into self-dependent containers. Written in the Go programming language, a Docker container holds all the necessary dependencies for security in editing that will cause no external effects.

Due to ASP.NET 5’s nature, development environments hosted within IIS are no longer efficient or practical. Without Docker, developers rely on a complicated process to see if their changes and updates are working. Docker allows for easy visibility of changes, upgrades or maintenance on long-term projects, adding to Episerver / Optimizely’s scalability.

When working within a container, content updates are automatically pushed into the solutions code repository making it easier to add files to source control. When using the development environment, any Docker images and assets will automatically be there and ready to use, enabling higher productivity work levels. Developers are then able to send updates to the live server with ease.

Self-contained sandbox development environment

23.4% of businesses have incorporated Docker wrapping technology within their development processes, to utilise the power of wrapping solutions in a sandbox environment. Episerver Docker is a compatible product for Episerver DXC customers. The software is fully customisable and adaptable to your organisation’s site.

This development environment is a perfect tool to edit, maintain or update solutions without affecting anything externally. Developers can distribute self-made templates to developers in their teams to allow for consistency and efficiency.

Who can use Episerver Docker?

Episerver Docker is a development resource that removes the risk of experimentation with new additions without affecting anything that is live, due to the containerisation of the solution. Docker Images can integrate with developer standard applications such as Visual Studio and Azure DevOps.

  • Developers can write code internally and share their work with colleagues using containers.
  • Applications can run in a test environment to execute automated and manual tests.
  • Discovered bugs can be fixed in the development environment and then redeployed to the test environment.
  • Deploying the fix to the customer by pushing the updated image to the production environment.

How can marketing teams incorporate Episerver Docker?

The ability to dockerise your organisation’s website isn’t only useful for developers. When the need for a templated demo site arises, a contained solution is capable of showing clients all dependencies whilst not affecting anything externally. It is possible to show the full extent of available technologies for a much clearer and more valuable meeting with your organisation’s clients. Examples of the technologies that would be difficult to demonstrate without Episerver Docker are:

  • Plugins
  • SQL Databases
  • Operating System

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How is Docker compatible with Optimizely?

Docker is accessible for all Optimizely Cloud Customers. Take advantage of the benefits mentioned to help keep your organisation’s website agile and scalable with reduced risk. It is a perfect technology for rapid start-ups in new developments because of the configurable environment for developers using the product.

The most effective way to learn detailed information is to speak to experts experienced with Episerver and compatible third-party software to elevate the back-end quality of your organisation’s solution.

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