Episerver 11 (Optimizely)

In 2021 the technology giant acquired experimentation software Optimizely, creating a world class digital experience platform (DXP) for ambitious enterprise-level organisations. Now rebranded to Optimizely, Episerver is the go-to platform for over 9000 global brands and has been consistently moving upwards in the digital experience space, receiving commendation as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and surpassing competing platforms like Sitecore.

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What can customers expect from their Episerver 11 upgrade?

Episerver customers that are using prior versions of the platform will be using on-premise solutions. To access the full Episerver Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which is a cloud-based solution, organisations are required to operate on Episerver 11. This version is versatile for organisations to choose whether they have a cloud or on-premise solution.

Episerver DXC is a collection of powerful products and services that includes:


The upgrade to Episerver 11 comes with many beneficial features and capabilities for organisations to benefit from. The upgrade has multiple version updates as Episerver continues to improve their offering.

Improve performance with Episerver 11

Episerver 11 helps busy teams on day-to-day tasks, through a range of performance improvements. These include a lot of technical changes to functionality around forms and the content user interface (UI) to make the platform features easier and more efficient to use, i.e improvements to drag and drop and automatic image optimisation.

Solutions using an upgraded version of the platform can expect improvements to website loading times too. Website speed directly affects how visitors perceive organisations and whether they choose to engage with them. Episerver 11 brings smoother transitions, bug fixes and quicker loading times.

Better security and support

Staying on an outdated technology comes with all sorts of disadvantages, but security risk is an important factor. In a digital climate where customers are mindful of who they share their data with and how their information is handled, organisations can’t afford to overlook website security. Episerver 11 is built using Microsoft .NET and cloud-based technologies making it highly secure. The DXC has implemented a variety of security measures including access restrictions and other infrastructure security measures to ensure customers can be confident that their solution is secure.

Episerver 11 offers support to organisations across the latest components to ensure the best results can be achieved from the solution.

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Is it time to upgrade your solution?

If you’re considering upgrading your solution to the latest version of Optimizely (Episerver) then speaking to an accredited Optimizely Partner is a good place to start. We have been working with organisations to elevate their digital performance since 1995 and are proud to work exclusively with the Optimizely platform. As the UK’s first implementation partner we have our heritage in the platform and are experienced in helping our clients to get the most from their investment.

To learn more about Optimizely pricing and how it could benefit your organisation, contact us to speak to one of our specialists, we’d love to help.

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