Episerver Platform

Unlock your organisation’s digital potential with an industry-leading platform.


What is the Episerver Platform?

The Episerver platform, or Episerver DXC  (now Optimizely), is a cloud-based enterprise level platform that uses .NET technology to empower ambitious organisations to create and deliver sophisticated digital experiences at speed.

The Episerver platform is an industry-leading technology that has been recognised in the Gartner Magic Quadrant since 2015 for its innovative digital experience capabilities. The platform’s product suite has been designed and developed over time to give businesses the power to create, manage and optimise seamless experiences that delight customers and achieve great results.

Episerver Platform Products

The Episerver Digital Experience Platform can be tailored to suit any organisation’s digital needs and consists of the following core products:

Episerver Content Cloud

Marketers can expect a full suite of content capabilities from the Episerver platform to help them engage audiences and boost conversions. Features in Episerver Content Cloud include experimentation / testing tools, advanced personalisation and project collaboration.

Episerver Commerce

Deliver exceptional buying experiences for B2C or B2B audiences. Episerver Commerce has an extensive portfolio of commerce tools all in one place. Key benefits include seamless system integration, AI driven product/service recommendations, automated stock and order management and broad reporting features.

Episerver Campaign

Episerver Campaign is a key feature of the Episerver platform for busy and ambitious marketers that want to deliver professional omnichannel marketing campaigns. Organisations benefit from smart campaign management, automation capabilities and extensive reporting tools.

Episerver Intelligence Cloud

This part of the Episerver platform provides organisations with the power to create intelligent, personalised and connected digital experiences using AI. It’s versatility means it can easily be used in conjunction with Episerver’s content, commerce and campaign products.

Episerver Pricing

If you’re considering moving to a new digital experience platform, then you’re bound to question how much does Episerver cost? In comparison to other enterprise-level platforms on the market, Episerver doesn’t have the same heavy price-tags or a one-size fits all model.

The pricing model is tailored to the solution and the value it brings to businesses. To find out how much the Episerver platform could cost your organisation, request a free quote from an Episerver Partner.

Choosing an Episerver Platform Partner

Choosing the right Episerver Solution Partner for your implementation is just as important as choosing the most suitable platform for your business. Accredited partners come with a long list of benefits, most notably the experience and expertise that could aid cost savings and drive revenue.

We are Ultimedia, the UK’s most experienced Episerver Partner. We have been helping some of the most well-known organisations worldwide to evolve digitally since 1995. Contact us today to speak to one of our Episerver platform experts to find out how your business could be getting ahead with Episerver (now Optimizely).


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