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Peerius Episerver Explained

With an impressive customer base of famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Peerius is a piece of the puzzle acquired in 2016 by Episerver to elevate the quality of the personalisation technology available to customers‘. The omnichannel personalisation vendor allowed Episerver to drive the quality of the technology and helped the platform develop what it is well known for today.

Why use Peerius Episerver personalisation?

Over 75% of companies who state using personalisation in their marketing strategy passed revenue goals. Personalisation is the feature that many website platforms promise their customers at a heft investment but never deliver. Episerver’s (now rebranded to Optimizely) suite of products allows organisations to create a unique one-of-one experience for all customers due the impressive big data processing ability of the intelligence cloud within the solution.

The aim of personalisation is to increase the CTR and conversion rates. 80% of consumers are more likely to finalise a conversion after experiencing a personalised journey. This makes the incorporation of personalised content such a vital aspect of ambitious marketing strategies. With tools such as Episerver Recommendations, the strengthening of customer relationships can increase the value of time spent on site by recommending products/content that are relevant and suitable to the users interest based on their previous and current time spent on site.

Digital transformation with Peerius Episerver

Personalisation is just one small aspect in the products available to customers. At the centre of Episerver is the Digital Experience Platform. Evolved from Episerver CMS, the DXP supplies customers a market leading platform at an attractive price when compared with competing platforms.

Optimizely Recommendations is the tip of the iceberg in terms of efficient data driven marketing with the Intelligence Cloud. Marketing teams can strengthen their understanding and relationship with customers from real time insights and structured data management. The harmonisation of data allows for organisations to operate seamlessly and increase ROI the return from efficient marketing by having a streamlined digital strategy.

Organisations that are looking to transform can feel security in changing platforms with Episervers due to the migration tools available to transitioning customers. With websites being the heart of a successful marketing strategy, businesses must make sure their website is more digitally mature then competitors in the sector. This is paramount to reach the widest audience and increase conversion rates. As over 80% of users state that websites affect the credibility of a business.

Looking to digitally transform with Peerius Episerver?

We are Ultimedia, the UK’s and Middle East’s first Episerver partner / Optimizely Partner. With over 25 years digital experience and knowledge from successful projects across multiple sectors, your organisation can receive the support needed to elevate digital results through the Episerver platform. If you are interested in learning, visit our blog page or contact us – we would be more than happy to help.

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