monetate vs optimizely

Monetate vs Optimizely

Which is best for your organisation’s ecommerce solution?

Monetate (acquired by KIBO in 2019) is a multivariate testing and personalisation software for commerce solutions. The technology aims to let organisations increase the quality and value of users’ experience. Montetate now powers the personalisation and experimentation aspects of the KIBO technology.

Optimizely (formerly Episerver) is a leader in Gartner’s Digital Experience Platform quadrant, offering state of the art omnichannel personalisation and experimentation marketing strategies. Included in the Optimizely DXP suite is the proven commerce solution, capable of driving your organisation’s conversion rates. Available to both B2B and B2C centric businesses, Optimizely commerce solutions creates an efficient transformation strategy for organisations looking to successfully complete planned out digital roadmaps.

Monetate vs Optimizely – Experimentation

After the acquisition, Monetate has been implemented into the testing, experimentation and personalisation side of the KIBO technology. The downfall of the system is the need for a third party CMS to be set up, integrated, trained and maintained. This adds an additional overhead for organisations in subscription fees and training time. It also restricts the CMS selection process as the software needs to be integratable.

Optimizely is famously known for its history with A/B and multivariate testing, allowing organisations to find what works best for their customers, and achieve the best ROI on all marketing decisions. The features mentioned above are available in an accessible and easy to learn one-stop-shop Optimizely solution.

Optimizely Suite gives customers access to the perfect tools for internet acceleration in the modern marketing climate. Alongside this, the further ability to integrate the Optimizely software with third party applications through APIs such as Google Analytics or Docker, can elevate the work quality of teams across organisations.

Monetate vs Optimizely – Digital transformation

Optimizely Commerce allows organisations to transform their digital operations with market leading technology and support. Out of the box, Optimizely allows for organisations to cut down overhead costs with an attractive price point and scalability all in one subscription. The investment into Optimizely brings immediate benefits and supplies a future proof digital plan. With version upgrades, Optimizely is constantly excelling in competitor reviews and raising its capabilities.

Monetate vs Optimizely – Gartner reviews

Gartner offers a space with peer insights of different technologies. Verified reviews by real technology users are showcased to educate others on the solution from a user’s experience.

When looking at the two platforms the recommendation percentage is significantly different. 78% of the Optimizely users would recommend the platform to others, whereas only 53% of KIBO users would.

A noticeable feature of the Optimizely reviews is the worry/struggle of implementing the solution. This is where verified partners can benefit your organisation. Have full confidence in the application of the technology and the option of ongoing support for a future proof digital investment.

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Optimizely Commerce Cloud

With roots in CMS, Optimizely Commerce Cloud is built with marketing teams in mind. The editing and creation process inside the interface is accessible and effective and doesn’t require an unnecessary amount of training, allowing teams to continue everyday operations quicker than a digital transformation to a competing platform.

Within the Commerce Cloud Optimizely has the technology known as Recommendations where customer’s solutions utilise a machine learning AI that provides site users with  product recommendations. Aiming to drive users time on site and increase the value of their time.

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