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Optimizely CMS 13 Benefits For Your Organisation 

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) is paramount for organisations aiming to stay ahead in the competitive online space. Optimizely CMS, formerly known as Episerver, stands out as a robust and versatile solution that offers a variety of advantages over its competitors.

Why Do You Need A CMS?

A CMS serves as a centralised platform that enables efficient creation, editing, organisation, and publication of digital content. With the increasing volume and complexity of online content, a CMS streamlines content workflows, allowing multiple users to collaborate seamlessly. It empowers non-technical users to update website content without relying on IT support, fostering agility and responsiveness. A well-implemented CMS enhances content consistency and ensures a cohesive brand image across various channels.

Optimizely CMS 13 Advantages to Investing In the Platform:

Optimizely CMS is also part of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which also includes Optimizely Commerce and Optimizely Experimentation. You might be wondering what is Optimizely? It is a DXP designed to help marketers and developers collaborate seamlessly, deliver personalised experiences, and leverage data-driven insights. Taking a closer look at Optimizely CMS 13 top benefits include:

Unified Platform for Content and Commerce:

Historically Optimizely has been excellent for integrations, looking forward to the Optimizely CMS 13 release, we’d expect this to only get even better. The platform seamlessly integrates content and commerce, providing a unified platform for managing both aspects effortlessly. This integration enables organisations to create a holistic digital experience for their users, optimising content delivery and e-commerce transactions on a single, cohesive platform.

Personalisation Capabilities:

The platform takes personalisation to the next level. Its advanced personalisation features allow organisations to deliver tailored content to specific user segments, enhancing user engagement and increasing conversion rates. This Can be further enhanced with integrations with platforms such as the Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) which harmonises customer data giving organisations even more data to work with. With powerful analytics, organisations can refine their personalisation strategies based on user behaviour and preferences. 

Scalability for Growing Businesses:

As your organisation expands, so do your digital needs.  Everything that Optimizely offers is built with scalability in mind. This means organisations choosing to invest in the CMS can be sure that the platform will grow seamlessly with the business. Whether you’re managing a small website or a complex enterprise-level solution, Optimizely can handle the increasing demands of your digital presence.

Efficient Multichannel Content Management:

Multichannel marketing is a key component of any digital marketing strategy. The CMS empowers organisations to manage content efficiently across various channels. From websites and mobile apps to social media and email campaigns, we expect Optimizely CMS 13 will continue to ensure a consistent brand message and user experience across all touchpoints.

User-Friendly Content Editing Interface:

Optimizely CMS is known for an intuitive and user-friendly content editing interface. Content creators and marketers can easily manage and update content without requiring extensive technical expertise. This streamlined process accelerates content production and ensures that your digital team can focus on creating impactful content rather than wrestling with complex CMS interfaces.

Robust Security Measures:

Security is a top priority for any organisation managing digital content. Optimizely places a strong emphasis on security, providing robust features to safeguard against cyber threats. Regular updates and proactive security measures ensure that your digital assets remain protected, fostering trust among your users.

Innovative A/B Testing and Experimentation Capabilities

Optimizely are known for their advanced experimentation capabilities. CMS customers can integrate Optimizely Experiments and use a/b testing and multivariate tests to look at different variations of content, layouts, and user experiences to identify the most effective strategies for achieving their goals. This data-driven approach empowers organisations to make informed decisions, leading to continuous improvement in digital performance.

Easily Integrate with Third-Party Tools:

Optimizely understands the importance of a connected digital ecosystem, so they build their products with API’s in mind. We hope Optimizely CMS 13 2ill continue to offer seamless integration with a wide array of third-party tools and services including Google Analytics, Content King and SiteImprove, allowing organisations to leverage their preferred marketing, analytics, and CRM solutions. This flexibility ensures that your digital strategy remains agile and adaptable to evolving industry trends.

Optimised for SEO:

A strong online presence begins with effective search engine optimisation (SEO). The CMS provides tools and features that make it easy to optimise content for search engines. From customisable URLs to meta tags and sitemaps, Optimizely empowers organisations to improve their search rankings and drive organic traffic.

Extensive Community and Support:

Optimizely boasts a vibrant community of users, developers, and experts. This community-driven support network ensures that organisations using the platform have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Whether seeking advice, troubleshooting issues, or exploring best practices, the Optimizely community is a valuable asset for organisations navigating the digital landscape.

Cloud-Based Flexibility:

Optimizely CMS offers a cloud-based solution, providing organisations with the flexibility to scale their digital infrastructure without the constraints of traditional hosting. Optimizely also recently announced Optimizely SaaS meaning Optimizely CMS 13 should be available with a SaaS (Software as a Service) core. The cloud-based architecture enhances performance, reliability, and accessibility, allowing organisations to focus on their core business objectives while Optimizely manages the technical aspects.

Content Versioning and Rollback:

Content creation is a repetitive process, and mistakes can easily happen. Optimizely CMS 13 will continue to simplify content versioning, allowing users to track changes and revert to previous versions if needed. This feature ensures content integrity and provides a safety net for content creators, fostering a risk-free environment for experimentation and innovation.

Continuous Innovation and Updates:

Optimizely is committed to staying at the forefront of digital innovation. Regular updates ensure that organisations using the CMS benefit from the latest technologies such as CMS12 and hopefully soon Optimizely CMS 13. By investing in Optimizely, organisations align themselves with a platform that evolves with the digital landscape, ensuring long-term relevance and competitiveness.

Join Thousands Of Brands Across The Globe:

Optimizely is trusted by more than 10,000 brands worldwide, including some of the most innovative and successful companies in various industries. Here are some examples of how the CMS is helping these companies achieve their digital goals:

Stena Fastigheter: 

Stena Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest private real estate companies, with a focus on customer relationships. They used Optimizely CMS to digitalise their customer journey and provide higher quality service to more customers at a lower internal cost. By using Optimizely CMS, they were able to:

  • Cut calls to customer service by 50%
  • Transform customer communication with personalised and relevant content
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Streamline internal processes and workflows.

Stena Fastigheter won the Optimizely Customer Award for the Greatest Digital Transformation in 2023. They are an example of how Optimizely can help businesses deliver impactful experiences across any channel.


A global leader in cargo and load handling solutions, Cargotec used Optimizely CMS to create a unified digital platform for its three business areas: Kalmar, Hiab, and MacGregor. The platform enables Cargotec to showcase its products and services, generate leads, and support its customers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment.

Capitec Bank:

One of the largest and fastest-growing banks in South Africa, Capitec Bank used Optimizely CMS to launch its new website and mobile app, which aim to provide a simple, transparent, and affordable banking experience for its customers. Result included:

  • 75% decrease in load speed
  • 25% increase in pages views and 5.74% increase in Organic search
  • 33.18% increase in Users and 40.35% increase in new users

The new website and app feature a sleek and intuitive design, easy-to-use functionality, and personalised content and offers. The website and app also integrate with Optimizely Experimentation, which enables Capitec Bank to test and iterate on different variations of its digital touchpoints and measure their impact on customer satisfaction and conversion.

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With Optimizely CMS 13 around the corner, organisations can get ready to position themselves for scalability, security, and continuous innovation, setting the stage for a successful digital journey. If you’re ready to start your Optimizely journey, connect with Ultimedia the team. Since 1995, our certified experts have collaborated with ambitious organisations worldwide, leveraging the Optimizely Platform to achieve exceptional results.
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