Episerver Pricing

Episerver Pricing Explained

Episerver is a powerful enterprise-level technology that can be leveraged by ambitious organisations to unlock digital potential and growth. The Episerver Digital Experience Platform (now Optimizely) has undergone significant development and expansion over the years, extending their product offering and capabilities. The Episerver pricing model has gone through some adjustments to reflect these standards. 

If your organisation is considering investing in Episerver DXC, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of what influences Episerver pricing.

Episerver pricing drivers

Episerver pricing is driven by its sophisticated features and product portfolio that provides clients with the agility to scale inline with their digital acceleration goals. Clients can take advantage of a long list of tools that make their organisations operationally more efficient and can be used to deliver sophisticated experiences that boost revenue.

Episerver has been recognised as a trusted industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant consistently since 2015, demonstrating as the highest professional standard, the calibre of the technology available to its customers. Episerver pricing therefore reflects this and the ROI for every £1 invested. In comparison to alternative platforms that often come with undesirable additional costs, Episerver requires significantly less budget making it an attractive option for savvy brands.

The technology’s combined capabilities empower organisations to excel in the digital experience arena, through experimentation features like split testing and intelligent personalisation across all devices.

Episerver pricing is tailored across these models

  • Episerver Content Cloud – an advanced suite of content management tools for creating premium experiences.
  • Episerver Commerce Cloud – sophisticated commerce solutions centralised in one place for B2B or B2C organisations.
  • Optimizely Intelligence Cloud – create new opportunities and smart experiences driven by AI
  • Optimizely Optimisation & Experimentation – using Optimizely A/B testing and more to build meaningful experiences that boost engagement.
  • Optimizely Data Platform – Coordinate, understand and improve engagement with your customers.
  • Advanced Search and Navigation – Create superior search experiences
  • Marketing Automation Platform – Automate all of your marketing in one place to create seamless, powerful campaigns.

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How to calculate your organisation’s Episerver pricing plan

Nobody knows the intricacies of your organisation better than you do. Episerver pricing is designed to fit with your business’ goals, which will likely evolve in the future. What this means is that each quote is bespoke to meet a brand’s unique requirements. This makes Episerver pricing fairer than some competitors as it’s benchmarked on the powerful technology that clients use to grow their organisations, but also is more flexible in which products are needed.

To calculate how much Episerver will cost your organisation, you’ll need to speak to an Episerver Partner that is well-versed in the platform and how to get the most from your budget.

Speak to an accredited partner about your Episerver pricing plan

We are Ultimedia, an accredited Episerver Solution Partner – the first in the UK in fact. We have been delivering sophisticated digital solutions for organisations sector-wide since 1995 to help them achieve their digital transformation goals.

We believe that Episerver / Optimizely is a great platform and our confidence in the technology is why we are a dedicated Episerver/Optimizely agency. This means that we eat, drink, sleep and breathe Episerver and our team of professionals are first in line to learn about new updates and features so that we can pass on that benefit to our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about Episerver, contact us today, we’d be happy to answer your questions and see how we can help. Give us a call on 0161 260 1500 or fill in the form on this page to get a quote or book a demo.

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