Ultimedia launches in the Middle East

We are delighted to announce our launch in the Middle East & Africa (MEA). Our new offices in the Gulf will enable us to better support and service our international clients in that region and around the world.

The plans to develop operations in the Middle East were initiated as a result of the increasing demand for the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform, with many ambitious organisations looking to migrate from other out-of-date technologies and massively improve their customers’ experience. The expansion is also a response to the welcomed rise in enquiries we’ve received, in particular from enterprises across the MEA region, who are looking to grow their global digital footprint, with the assistance of a leading global digital agency.

We are proud to be a part of Remarkable Group which is a collection of agencies that each specialises in a specific enterprise-level technology solution, at a global scale. The longstanding partnership with Optimizely gives our clients exclusive access to a global team of experts that ensures they receive the best platform-specific services.

Our team has been working with the Optimizely (formerly Episerver DXC) platform for nearly two decades as a highly established partner in the United Kingdom. With a number of successful projects in our portfolio, including some of the most recognised brands in a range of sectors, such as professional services, retail, manufacturing and healthcare.

Ultimedia CEO, Craig Johnson commented on the announcement: “The Middle East is an incredibly exciting market. There’s a strong appetite (especially in the GCC) for platform specialists with deep knowledge and extensive skills in the digital experience space. With our heritage in Optimizely and a long list of global case studies, we’re excited to set up our offices in Dubai and Riyadh. The opportunity to work in partnership with so many well-known brands that have regional and global ambitions is unique.”

Johnson concludes, “Optimizely has the power to quickly transform the digital fortunes of organisations, without the unnecessary complications that usually comes with that. Having so many ways to attract and engage audiences in multiple languages and the ability to seamlessly personalise their digital experiences are just a few of the amazing things the platform has to offer. Our unique experience makes us a natural go-to partner for organisations looking to use these features to gain a quick and effective advantage digitally. We’re absolutely delighted to finally have a physical presence in this vibrant part of the world!”

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Optimizely CEO, Alex Atzberger added, “As we officially open Optimizely doors in Dubai to service the rapidly expanding MEA market, it’s critical that we have knowledgeable partners like Ultimedia working alongside our experienced team of DX experts in the region. Optimizely’s industry-leading DXP enables companies to adapt and thrive in response to customer behaviors across the entire journey. Together with Ultimedia, our focus on business outcomes will provide customers with exceptional value and the highest ROI.”

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