Episerver Content Management System

Create engaging content experiences with a world-class suite of CMS tools.


What is Episerver Content Management System?

Episerver Content Management System (Episerver CMS) is a .NET based management suite that gives organisations the power to design, optimise, automate and manage their content activity at a premium standard.

Also referred to as Episerver Content Cloud, or Optimizely following the 2021 rebrand. The CMS is a core product in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and can be used to suit any brand’s digital goals. As a cloud-based technology, Episerver Content Management System comes with lots of beneficial features and opportunities for ambitious organisations, including the capability to publish new content quickly and improve efficiency across teams.

Why brands choose Episerver Content Management System

Industry-leading technology

Since 2015, Episerver DXC has gained recognition for excellence and now consistently is positioned as an industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. For Episerver customers this means first-in-line access to the latest technology and the opportunity to innovate in their organisations and lead digitally in their markets.

Create advanced personalised experiences

The advanced personalisation capabilities available with the Episerver Content Management System are second to none. Customers can deliver intelligent content experiences, using AI-driven recommendations that are based on behavioural, interest and engagement data. Episerver’s comprehensive personalisation tools give brands the power to boost conversions and create more impactful content experiences.


Customers expect highly engaging, personalised experiences from organisations that they engage with, but how is this achieved? Testing and learning is at the core of marketing, Episerver’s experimentation features give marketers the tools and insights needed to be able to elevate their content for better results. Learn more about Episerver/Optimizely A/B testing.

Media management

Episerver Content Management System provides customers with excellent media management capabilities. The platform has all the tools needed to bring content to life from video, social media links or embedded images.

Marketing tools

Take advantage of a full portfolio of marketing features that help ambitious brands to deliver personalised experiences across marketing channels and leverage artificial intelligence to boost conversions. Marketers are able to use personalisation tools to create segments and rules to help enhance user experience for their audience. For brands looking to create powerful shopping experiences, there are extensive capabilities in the Episerver Commerce suite that works seamlessly with the CMS.

Increase ROI

Organisations that choose Episerver benefit from cost saving measures internally, such as using an intuitive interface that makes day-to-day tasks more efficient or project collaboration that allows content initiatives to be worked on across teams and to be delivered faster. Externally, AI-driven content capabilities, automation and personalisation features help to boost engagement, conversions and ultimately new revenue opportunities.

Episerver Content Management System and your organisation

Episerver / Optimizely is a world leader in content management and broader digital experience. It’s a powerful technology that is best suited for large – enterprise-level organisations that are customer-centric and digitally ambitious. The best way to learn if Episerver is suitable for your organisation is to take it for a test drive and book a demo with an Episerver Partner. See first-hand what the platform can do whilst being able to ask an expert the questions that are specific to your business.

We’re Ultimedia, we’ve been helping brands around the world to achieve their digital visions since 1995. We do this through the design, development and optimisation of websites using only Episerver. Contact us today to have a chat about how Episerver could benefit your organisation.


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We are Ultimedia, we design, build and optimise digital solutions exclusively with the Optimizely platform. We have been helping ambitious brands to unlock their potential since 1995 with best-of-breed technology and tactics.

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