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Opal AI: Your New Virtual Assistant

Artificial intelligence or AI, is a hot topic and will continue to be especially in the world of business and marketing. It’s already reshaping how we do day to day business operations and organisations that embrace AI position themselves to stay competitive in the future. AI empowers businesses to elevate performance and is named as a strategic priority by 83% of businesses.

What is Opal AI?

Opal AI is a smart assistant that works across the entire Optimizely One platform delivering generative AI, intelligent insights, and automated suggestions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Optimizely is also the first DXP with AI fully integrated across the entire platform. It’s not a surprise that Optimizely stands out as an early adopter in this field, incorporating AI elements into multiple products.

Until now, Optimizely’s AI integration has only been used within individual products, each harnessing AI in distinct ways. For example, it has been used in the Content Marketing Platform (CMP) and DAM system (Digital Asset Management) for automatically tagging content. In the Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) AI has previously helped analyse purchasing patterns suggesting what needs more or less marketing. 

Optimizely’s AI capabilities have undergone a significant transformation, now encompassing Generative AI. With these enhancements, Opal AI empowers busy marketing teams to craft content from the ground up through GenAI functions. This capability extends to various aspects, including:

  • Image creation
  • Tagging
  • Automated content translations, and more.

Collectively, Opal represents the most potent suite of AI capabilities available within any digital experience platform. What sets Opal AI apart is its seamless integration with the Optimizely One platform, requiring no custom integration points, additional development efforts, or connectors. It effortlessly empowers content creators to deliver results faster and more efficiently than ever before.

How does Opal AI work?

The initial release announced at Opticon suggests that Opal will serve as a constant assistant, however it is more than your average chatbot. This GenAI feature will offer suggestions, enhancements, and insights for content planning and writing. AI is already available through the Optimizely product suite, however it remains unclear whether this new assistant will be available across various products or limited to the marketing operating system.

As the AI assistant will operate as a chatbot or menu system, it will accommodate both free-text interactions and predefined prompts (similar to ChatGPT and Dall-E/Midjourney). This means it will deliver AI-generated responses to users. Moreover, it will be context-aware, tailoring its understanding and responses to the user’s on-screen activities making it a suitable tool for all departments across an organisation.

The smart thing about Opal AI assistant is that organisations can train it using provided content, such as website materials, customer databases, or product catalogues. This training approach would significantly enhance the assistant’s accuracy in matters relating to facts, style, tone, and recommendations. It will also mean the AI gives your organisation specific and unique suggestions and ideas that are suitable and work for your organisation rather than being generalised like most of the AI solutions currently available on the market. 

7 Benefits Of Your New AI Assistant

Artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding its influence across the globe, and if your organisation fails to embrace it, you risk lagging behind. Opal AI not only saves time for businesses but also offers a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Unified AI Experience: Opal integrates various AI elements offering a unified AI assistant to help with numerous elements including AI tagging, headline creation, SDR research and output just to name a few.
  • Improved Content Creation: This technology assists editors by providing suggestions and insights while planning and writing content, enhancing the efficiency and quality of content creation which helps marketers improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Context-Sensitive: This assistant will provide context-sensitive responses based on the user behaviour making it an easy tool for anyone in the organisation to benefit from.
  • Customisable Training: Marketing teams can train their AI assistant with specific content, such as website content and customer databases, to improve the tone, style and recommendations produced.
  • A cost-effective solution: Whilst developing and testing the technology, Optimizley found using Opal AI saw a 30% drop in marketing costs.
  • Stats Accelerator: Machine Learning automatically detects significant variations by optimising the traffic distribution to your website speeding up the time it takes to achieve meaningful results.
  • Multi-Armed Bandits: An intelligent algorithm that recognises the most successful variations, automatically directs more visitors toward the top-performing option hourly which creates a higher conversion rate.

Optimizely and Writer

In addition to Opal AI is a new generative AI partnership. Optimizely and Writer have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionising the world of AI and content generation. This collaboration was born out of the recognition that companies have diverse needs, and the quest for a private, full-stack enterprise solution for generative AI led to the creation of the GenAI ecosystem.

Salesforce came to Optimizely and had a pressing need for a private LLM (Large Language Model) to fulfil their content marketing requirements and drive their AI journey. This led to an ecosystem AI approach and brought about Optimizely’s first generative AI partnership.

Writer is at the forefront, and is the only fullstack enterprise solution for generative AI that goes beyond just LLMs. Writer provides the missing link, recognising that LLMs alone aren’t sufficient to deliver the results and time-to-value that large enterprises expect. Writer’s powerful solution has already gained the trust of over 200 enterprise-level organisations across diverse sectors, including retail, healthcare, and financial services. 

This groundbreaking partnership has empowered these businesses to use generative AI across their entire organisational workflow, including heavily regulated industries like healthcare and finance. The ability to launch production-ready use cases in a matter of days and witness immediate returns on investment has been a game-changer.

Writer AI’s accuracy is unparalleled, as it harnesses the collective intelligence of both its parent company’s data and LLM’s documentation, audio, and video capabilities. Furthermore, it ensures that the generated content maintains consistent branding, an invaluable feature for businesses striving to maintain their identity.

Examples of how Optimizely customer can use Writer alongside the CMP include creating daily newsletters in a brand’s unique tone of voice, sending up-to-date and factually accurate emails, summarising extensive volumes of interview notes and presentations into concise one-page summaries, and providing document review chatbots. This solution can also be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, simplifying and enhancing content generation and personalisation.

In an era where personalisation is crucial, Writer AI, in partnership with Optimizely, is making 1-2-1 individualisation achievable, marking a significant milestone in the field of generative AI and content creation. This partnership represents a paradigm shift, providing enterprises with the tools to not only meet their content generation needs but to excel in a world driven by AI and personalisation.

5 Ways That AI Can Improve Your Organisation

  1. Content Intelligence: Utilise AI-driven predictive insights for real-time suggestions on content types that boost conversion and revenue.
  1. Accelerate Creative Production: Embed generative AI into workflows to create diverse content, from text to images and apply machine-learning algorithms to automatically tag uploaded images for easy asset management.
  1. Deliver Personalised Experiences: Employ natural language processing and machine learning to profile and serve up real-time, personalised content for each visitor on your site.
  1. Scale Experimentation: Get faster and more accurate results from your Optimizely experiments which helps increase Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).
  1. Product Recommendations: Leverage AI-driven recommendations to target specific shopping cohorts with personalised offers, increasing engagement, average order value, and overall conversions.

Don’t just take our word for it. Organisations who have benefited from Optimizely’s AI capabilities include: 

  • New Era who started using automated product recommendations and saw a 70% increase in ‘add-to cart’.
  • Alaska Airlines saw a 18% increase in their loyalty program sign ups after using the stats accelerator.
  • Bidwells saw a 3 times increase in leads using content recommendations.

How can your organisation start using Opal AI?

Join the thousands of global organisations already reaping the rewards of Optimizely’s AI capabilities and get in touch with Ultimedia, a leading Optimizely Partner in the UK and Middle East. Ultimedia brings over 25 years of extensive expertise to empower brands in unlocking their digital potential. Don’t miss the opportunity to book your Optimizely demo today and kickstart your journey towards digital excellence.

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