Optimizely Visual Builder

Optimizely Visual Builder

Optimizely is a pioneering force in the digital experience space, and this is rapidly picking up pace as it scales up its offering. Opticon 2023 saw the announcement of lots of exciting things for the Optimizely product suite, especially marketing teams. Optimizely (previously Episerver) have their roots in delivering best of class content experiences. At the annual global conference, they revealed their commitment to enhancing content creation and management even further with the introduction of the Optimizely One, the first marketing operating system, accompanied by the Visual Builder. 

What is Optimizely Visual Builder?

Optimizely’s Visual Builder, also referred to as a “visual experience builder,” offers an elegant and intuitive editing interface that empowers content creators and marketing teams like never before. While the concept of visual content composition is not entirely new, Visual Builder takes it to the next level by offering an extensive range of features that make it a standout tool in the digital experience optimisation landscape.

It gives marketing teams access to  visual on-page editing and previews, allowing for seamless content customisation. Users can easily create templates through a user-friendly drag-and-drop system, eliminating the need for coding skills. The tool is tightly integrated with content through Optimizely Graph, ensuring a fully connected experience. Moreover, personalisation features are embedded directly into the editing process. Altogether, these capabilities significantly accelerate the process of creating engaging and personalised user experiences.

5 Benefits Of The Visual Builder

Initially it might seem like the visual builder is not anything groundbreaking, and you might be thinking you already have everything you need for your marketing operations. However, here is how it differentiates from anything else currently on the market or anything that is already offered by Optimizely:

  1. Streamlined Creation Experience:

Visual Builder provides busy marketing teams with an enhanced visual design that eliminates unnecessary components, focusing entirely on content composition. This clean and minimalist interface allows creators to concentrate on their content without unnecessary distractions.

  1. Effortless Design:

One of the most significant advantages of the Visual Builder is its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Busy marketing teams can effortlessly assemble content blocks and receive real-time previews of how the content will appear when published. This feature makes content composition a more interactive and visual process which makes it easier for marketing teams to achieve their desired look.

  1. Quick Time-To-Market:

Visual Builder removes the need for coding, making it accessible to a broader audience. Marketers and content creators can build templates, rearrange elements, and customise the content without writing a single line of code. This empowers marketing teams and speeds up the content creation process allowing non-technical users to participate more actively.

  1. Simplistic Personalisation Tools:

Personalisation tools are embedded right into the Visual Builder’s editing interface, offering a comprehensive content customisation experience. This means that organisations can tailor content to specific audiences and optimise the user experience easily giving them a competitive advantage over other organisations who are not yet providing this.

  1. Flexibility: 

Optimizely’s simultaneous release of both CMS and Commerce products in a SaaS variant has far-reaching implications for content management. The separating of content from how it is presented on the website and storing it in a structured data format provides users with flexibility to edit directly on screen and also adapt the content for various delivery channels.

Visual Builder emerges as the number one choice for a ‘decoupled’ visual content composer, especially ideal for those using Optimizely SaaS who wish to forego the more complex editing and workflow features within Optimizely CMS.

Take Advantage Of Powerful Integration

By integrating SaaS CMS, Optimizely has transformed its product suite into a completely seamless experience, enhancing user satisfaction in daily tasks. The visual builder is on the horizon for both SaaS and PaaS iterations of the CMS, and is set to become the primary editing interface throughout the entire Optimizely suite in the near future.

Optimizely Graph:

Visual Builder will be fully connected to Optimizely Graph which is a critical part of Optimizely’s content manipulation and interconnection. 

Optimizely Graph is designed to ease the way marketing teams navigate through their content management systems. With the help of a developer team, content is turned into a readily queryable format. This means content creators and marketers can do a quick search for whatever they need and it will appear. The most impressive thing about this is it can gather content from a diverse range of sources, offering marketers a unified hub for streamlined content management. This empowers organisations to take control giving customers the freedom to compose, modify, and share content in their unique way.

This integration enables marketing teams to leverage structured data and effectively manage, create and publish content in a centralised hub.

Opal AI:

Opal AI takes the lead in providing generative AI, insightful intelligence, and automated suggestions to elevate both efficiency and effectiveness. Opal can assist marketing teams with image creation, tagging, automated content translations, and more. Opal AI and Visual Builder can speed up the entire marketing process making it easier and quicker than ever before to produce high quality, relevant content that will drive conversions.

When And How Can You Start Using It?

Optimizely has exciting news for those eager to start using the Visual Builder. The tool should be released in the first half of 2024. It will be offered as a cloud-based add-on service and is expected to be seamlessly integrated with both Optimizely’s Content Management System (CMS) and Content Management Platform (CMP).

Optimizely’s Visual Builder represents a significant leap forward in the world of content creation and management. With its innovative features and integration capabilities, Visual Builder empowers content creators to build engaging and personalised digital experiences with ease. The tool’s introduction aligns with Optimizely’s commitment to offering a more dynamic and flexible approach in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

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