.NET Web Development

Take advantage of an accredited team with over 25 years’ experience in using cutting-edge technology, to deliver seamless solutions.


Why Ultimedia for .NET Web Development?

At Ultimedia we are .NET web development specialists, and our accredited expert team has been working with .NET since we started in 1995.

Our customers trust us as the experts from development of .NET-based Content Management Systems, maintenance of legacy ASP.NET Web Forms applications to fully bespoke MVC and Web API builds.

As a certified Optimizely Partner, we are first in line to offer the latest, innovative features to our clients and have the knowledge and experience to get the most from the platform.

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.NET Web Development Benefits


.NET is known for its stability, speed and reliability. Being a compiled language, unlike PHP, errors can be caught in the development environment. .NET is targeted at high-end applications so it’s incredibly robust under high load.

Time Saving

.NET web development is intuitive to work with for developers and comes with a wealth of class libraries for every possible scenario. Code reuse is a fundamental principle adhered to in the .NET world, so the NuGet package manager allows .NET developers to share thousands of reusable code and components for standard functions. This reduces the time it takes to develop applications, and so gets them deployed quicker.

Easy Integration

Our integration specialists work with .NET, specifically Optimizely (formerly Episerver). Optimizely is built with flexible integration in mind, providing many options for extending your solutions and making it easy to communicate with external systems, for instance CRM, ERP, DAM and PIM systems. There are numerous integration points available supporting many state-of-the-art integration techniques.

Security and Deployment

The .NET Framework provides classes and services that enable developers to easily write secure code and enable customisation of permissions so that users with the correct rights can access protected resources.

Deployment of .NET applications can be fully automated using tools such as TeamCity and Octopus Deploy. At Ultimedia, we make big use of these tools to automate the deployment process and remove the potential for human error.


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We are Ultimedia, we design, build and optimise digital solutions exclusively with the Optimizely platform. We have been helping ambitious brands to unlock their potential since 1995 with best-of-breed technology and tactics.

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