Episerver Analytics

Keep track and manage relevant content and data to your organisation with Episerver Analytics


What is Episerver Analytics?

During the rebranding to Optimizely in 2021, Episerver Analytics evolved to Optimizely Customer Data Platform (CDP). The sophisticated product gives customers access to deeper analytics and organised data insights across the suite of products. Benefit from a better understanding of customers and more meaningful relationships.

The Benefits of Episerver Analytics

Available to all Optimizely Cloud Customers, out of the box, or the option to upgrade the package to match ambitious data management requirements. Episerver Analytics is baked into the Episerver DXC.

Episerver Analytics provides marketers with the ability to manage from the first touchpoint all the way to conversion and reconversion. Allowing for harmonised data to be evaluated and used to take action in the relevant steps of client interaction.

Optimizely Data Core Service (DCS)

The Episerver Analytics product out of the box is known as Optimizely DCS, and includes essential CDP capabilities to assist your organisation’s ambitions. To lead to the best outcome for organisation and customers, Optimizely DCS allows for:

  • B2B ecommerce, experimentation via the customer to flag problems leading to a customer configured solution
  • B2C without losing your organisation’s identity
  • CMS, flexible and agile for the marketing teams ambition
  • A richer understanding of customers, to inform better customer experience
  • Feature flagging – Softening the impact of a failed feature launch, lower risk and largest reward.

Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP)

OCP gives all Episerver/Optimizely customers access to a directory of apps created by the developer community that can be integrated. Discover new insights, recommended products or average views before purchase all through the software.

Organisations can access external apps that can be connected by an API to allow functions alongside the DXP.

Your business can use hosted apps, importing previous data and active data collection into ODP such as lead capture.

Benefit from sending content through the suite of tools to be used in the relevant one. Common examples of channels that are united include but are not limited to, SMS, Email, Messengers, API/Webhooks and Direct Mail.

Google and Episerver Analytics

Episerver CMS is also compatible with Google Analytics (GA) including Universal Analytics (UA) and the new Google Analytics 4 upgrade. Allowing for users to use the comprehensive Episerver Analytics, but to also compare and refine data with the use of a third part analytical service. New customers are able to use their safety net in GA with imported existing data, during the familiarisation stage to the very accessible services. Episerver is also compatible with other analytical vendors.

Optimizely Data Platform (ODP)

In March 2021 Optimizely took control of Zaius, a customer data platform and converted into Optimizely Data Platform. This platform captures, stores and creates effective customer profiles. Why use ODP?

  • Harmonise customer data
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Eliminate analysis paralysis
  • Activation
  • Data Core Service
  • Segmentation
  • Unify profiles

Episerver/Optimizely is renowned for its accessibility, ease of use and benefits multiple teams within an organisation immediately. This feature can be obtained directly by anyone using the software. Real-time data is always being monitored and collected, updated and organised with high quality for the best experience.

Optimizely Journey Orchestration

Episerver Analytics can make data more relevant, help build and continue a strong relationship to potential and existing customers is important to drive revenue. Connecting inbound and outbound channels to provide relevant data for all steps of the customer lifecycle. Stand out benefits of Optimizely Journey Orchestration:

  • Activated customer data
  • Recipes library
  • Predictive insights
  • Omni-channel activations
  • Journey reporting


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