Streamlining Pension Advice Through A New Optimizely Solution

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Just Group PLC is one of the UK’s leading providers of financial solutions, specialising in retirement income products and services to individual and corporate clients. We have had the pleasure of being a multi brand, long-term development and marketing partner of Just Group PLC and also support them on new financial wellness market initiatives. On this project, Just Group PLC looked to Ultimedia to work on their brand, Pension Buddy.


Pensions and the process of finding the most suitable plan can be complicated. Just Group PLC  wanted to launch a new offering for Pension Buddy that would contain a range of valuable content, tools and other information to educate and engage staff, intermediaries and end customers about pensions.

Just Group PLC approached Ultimedia to bring this idea to life within challenging time-frames, harnessing the potential of the Optimizely Platform.


Our team collaborated with Just Group PLC’s key project stakeholders to identify the key objectives for the new platform. They were:  

  • Create a site that provides specific pension information in an engaging, customer- first learning environment.
  • Provide a personalised learning place tailored to the visitors specific retirement needs.
  • Capture visitor data through the retirement calculator and the pension learning wizard to enable remarketing opportunities. 
  • Provide a new digital brand digital ID for the Just Group PLC, specifically for pension educational content. 
  • Maximise all opportunities for traffic growth and retention .


Working with the team at Just Group PLC, we developed the pension support platform under the brand name, ‘Pension Buddy’ and delivered a sophisticated solution on Optimizely DXP.


  • Optimizely Digital Experience Platform – The solution needed to run on Optimizely DXP to add to Just Group PLC’s existing multisite DXP (cloud based instance). The benefits of this were cost and resource effectiveness due the whole technical infrastructure already being in place, this approach allowed for rapid development and deployment.
  • Responsive design – To reach and engage a range of demographics for an enhanced end-to-end customer user experience.
  • A learning platform – In order for visitors to understand pensions via a personalised user journey through the use of an onsite wizard tool. The idea of this was to cut through the pensions clutter, giving people just the information that’s relevant to them, in less than 5 minutes. The tool does this by asking a series of simple questions. Based on the answers they give, it works through the site to filter out content that’s irrelevant and deliver information that’s tailored to their exact needs and circumstances, all packaged up as a free plan, served in bite-size chunks. This tool provided Just Group PLC with deeper insights to their audience which helps them to create better experiences.
  • Retirement health check – An interactive feature that takes the user’s answers to questions such as, ‘how old are you?’, ‘when do you want to retire?’ and ‘ how much are you saving?’ to provide tailored results that suggest their projected retirement income and if they’re on target to achieve retirement. The feature also offers useful guidance to achieve goals.


Collaboration with the design team happened in the early stages to ensure that the end product would match the quality of the architecture and deliver the best results. To facilitate the required responsive designs, we made the decision to build the solution using Bootstrap, which was highly effective. 

For the build we used the latest version of Optimizely CMS to give the platform top-level security, performance and functional capabilities such as Optimizely Forms (which we used in the Learning Plan Wizard), Optimizely Search and Navigation.


Typical of any Ultimedia project, we carry out a thorough testing process with our dedicated QA team that carries out unit and integration testing, and robust functionality testing. For deployment we used the Optimizely deployment portal to enable single click deployments. Once our team is satisfied with the solution, we then hand over for client UAT with full 1-2-1 coaching on user best-practices and client admin.


46 %
increase in website impressions
77.5 %
completion rate on The Learning Plan Wizard
76.9 %
of the Learning Plan Wizard users opted in to marketing communications
"We approached Ultimedia with a complex set of requirements and a need to get to market quickly. They smashed it out of the park. They came up with a clever project plan involving building and testing different components in parallel, and never deviated from the plan."


Just Group PLC have big digital ambitions both in D2C and B2B and we’re excited to be continuing the journey with them to achieve their goals. Our team of experts will provide ongoing support and complete further enhancements to constantly evaluate their digital performance and customer user experience.

Just Group PLC are keen to deliver premium experiences for their customers and we’re passionate about helping them maximise their digital investment by getting the most from Optimizely. We are working next on capitalising on some new Optimizely features that’ll improve UX and revenue opportunities.

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